The year is coming to an end!


The End of Year Concert is fast approaching and students have been singing and dancing up a storm so that they can put on a fantastic show. This year the concert will be held on 12th December and is themed I Feel Good. The concert will commence at 5.30pm and students should be in their classrooms by 5pm. All Pre-primary students will be performing “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang.

To make the performance extra special we would like the Pre-primary students to dress in their favourite colour.

Block colours will look best though if the clothes you have are patterned please don’t buy more clothes just for this occasion.

We will be the first to perform, once we have finished our performance the students will be able to go back with you to watch the rest of the concert. Before you take your child please ensure you let myself or Deb Bailey know.


We are having our class party on Tuesday 12th December and we would love for you to bring a plate of food for the children to share. There is a sign up on our classroom window, if you haven’t yet can you please put your name next to an item to bring in.

If you have selected hot food, we ask if you could bring it in at 12pm heated ready to serve. Thank you!



All home readers and library books need to be returned as soon as possible so the librarians can organise the library ready for next year and to avoid a late/non-return fee being charged.


Thank you parents for all your support this year, I have felt very welcome coming in to take over from Dee and everything has run smoothly.

This blog will be deleted in the upcoming week so if there are any photos you would like, please make sure you take them off soon.

Thank you


Reminders and Updates Week 6

Just wanted to send out a quick message to everyone as this term is just flying by.

  • Lots of children are starting to bring ‘Ooshies’ into class and swap or trade them with friends. We are asking please that these stay at home as some children have already lost some and we don’t want people or parents getting upset when they come in and trade or give them to their friends.
  • Please continue to pack a change of clothes for your child, children are still often having accidents and have no changes of clothes to put on afterwards. Some times children get excited or caught up in the moment playing and simply forget, so accidents definitely still occur.
  • Room 2 is currently collecting food for the Salvation Army. Some examples of food we are looking for include: tinned fruit or veg, tinned spaghetti or baked beans, treats, beverages such as long-life milk, coffee, tea, milo etc, cereals and carbohydrates including rice, pasta, rice sauces and even some Christmas extras including bonbons, candy stockings or puddings.

We have a box in our class wrapped in Christmas paper for these           items to go into if you have any to spare.

Thank you

Ashleigh 🙂

Week 5 Updates

I will not be in class tomorrow as I have a day for reporting, though I will be around the school if anyone needs to see or speak to me.

Mr Pansini has asked us to all remind parents about children playing before and after school on the play grounds (this includes both the Nature Playground and the Spiderman Playground) and includes siblings. Each lunch time the Pre-primaries tidy and pack away the sandpit toys and make the playground look neat and tidy. They do get disappointed when they see the sandpit looking messy. Starting next week if any students from Room 2 are caught playing on the playground before or after school they will need to move their name on the 1,2,3 chart. I will be writing it up on the white board to remind students and parents.

If your child is leaving Aubin Grove at the end of the year and attending another primary school can you please let me know so we can forward this information onto Frank and Jaylene. This helps them to plan for classes for 2018.

I hope you have all had time to look through your child’s Grey Progress Folder to see the wonderful progress they have made this year. Once you have had a good look through can you please make sure they are signed and returned to school so we can get them ready to hand over for Year 1.

Thank you, I cannot believe we are half way through this Term already, how the year has flown!


Week 3 Updates!

Week Three!

Tomorrow (25th of October) – Is our Kindy/PP Athletics Carnival starting at 8.40am. Doors will open early at 8.15am as we will start parading down as a class at 8.40am to ensure the carnival starts on time.

We will not have a fruit break until the carnival concludes so please ensure that your child has a nice big breakfast to get them through until we have recess at around 11am.

Please also ensure your child has their hat and water bottle ready for the morning. Please have their hat clearly marked with their name. The reason we ask is because for their running race we get the children to take off their hats and place into a tub. To make it easy for the faction bay teacher, a clearly marked name will ensure your child’s hat is returned to them after their race.

After the carnival finishes you are welcome to come back to the classroom to either sign your child out for the remainder of the day or to share recess with your child before you leave for the day.

Friday 27th October – Student Development Day. There is no school this day as all teachers will be completing another component of the Visible Learning professional development.

Any questions please either email myself or come and see me.


Cubby Building Incursion

On Monday the 16th of October we will be having a representative from Nature Play Solutions coming in to run a 45 minute cubby building incursion.

This is a completely free event.

If you have any concerns about your child’s participation, please speak to me as soon as possible and I will be able t organise something else for your child to do during that time.

Thank you

Ashleigh Axford


Welcome to Term Four!


I hope everyone has had a nice break and is ready for Term 4!

This term in literacy we are looking at fairytales starting in week 2. We will use this as an introduction to narrative writing and hopefully begin to see the students create their own stories. Fairytales we will be looking at include, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Bean Stalk, 3 Billy goats gruff, 3 little Pigs, Goldilocks, The Three bears and The Gingerbread man.

Within our literacy block we will continue to be focusing on Sight words, writing simple and compound sentences, sequencing events correctly and comprehension while still completing handwriting once a week.

In maths we will be continuing with mental strategies (counting backwards, counting on and facts to 10), partitioning, capacity and location and transformation.

In HASS we are going to be looking at different traditions and celebrations around the world. This should be a very interesting and engaging topic for all the students to get involved in.

For science we are completing a unit called ‘on the move’, we will be looking at the way things move and what enables them to do so.

News has slightly changed for this term, we are trying something different. There are two separate tasks that will be given to each student to have a turn throughout the term. The first one is call the Mystery Box. The mystery box come in three different sizes. The child’s task is to take the box home with them and choose something from home to bring in to school in the box (not a toy). They need to, with a bit of your help, think of 3 clues that they can say to their classmates to help them guess what might be inside the box, thinking about its shape, size colour, what it can be used for or made out of etc. Clue cards will also be sent home with the box. Please ensure if your child brings this home that it is brought back the next day so someone else can have a turn.

The second news task will be a class toy that will be sent home with a different student every day. The students will get to name this toy in the first week. I wish I could send him home over a whole weekend to have a bit more time but we need to make sure every child gets a turn. The toy will go home in a bed with a book, in the book can you please encourage your child to write something that they did with the toy (training, friends house, park, sharing dinner etc) and draw a picture. They will then bring it in the following day and share their adventures that they had with the teddy.

Morning writing books will be starting from week 2, the books this term are focusing on handwriting, in the morning could you please sit with your child and help them concentrate on forming their letters correctly if you have the time.

Sports carnival is Wednesday in week 3 (25th of October) it will only be going for half the day, as I have more information I will pass on to you.

Scholastic Book Club magazines have been put in each of the students take home boxes, the due date for these to be processed is the 27th of October.

Gluing, Play dough and Parent help rosters are all up on the back of the easel, I am so appreciative of all the help that is offered in this classroom, So thank you for continuing to do so.

Im looking forward to this term! I cant wait to see the progress each and every child has made over the year.



Fathers Day Morning – Friday 1st September

On Friday the 1st of September we will be having our Fathers Day morning. As part of this we will be completing some craft activities this week as gifts for our dads and other special people.
One of these crafts will require a photo of dad or special person. (We will just be using their face) if this could please be brought into school this coming week would be fantastic.
Also I wanted to quickly say thank you to all parents for your support during the transition between Mrs Tomich and Miss Axford. It has all gone very smoothly.
I will have my education email within the next few days and will share it with you all as soon as possible.
Thank you
Ashleigh Axford

Perth Zoo Excursion – Friday 11th August

This Friday the 11th of August, the Pre-primary students are going to Perth Zoo. Could students please be at their classrooms by 8:20am sharp. On this day we will be doing ‘Kiss and Drop’ as we need to have all students toileted, counted and on the bus by 8:40am. It is very important we are on time as some classes will be starting their ‘Bush Party’ learning experience at 9:45. 

On this day children will need:

  • To be wearing their hat when they come in the door (labelled with name)
  • Drink bottle in their hand (labelled with name)
  • Spare change of clothes (all students MUST have a spare change in their bag, even if they do not normally have accidents – as sometimes unforeseen circumstances occur)
  • To bring their normal school bags into the classroom (please ensure this is a zip up bag as we do not want the crows to get into any student lunches at the zoo)
  • Lunch and recess packed in their lunchbox 
  • Walking shoes
  • Please put sunscreen on before school

ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR PURPLE SCHOOL UNIFORM ON FRIDAY! This makes our school students easy to identify by our staff and parent helpers. 

At this stage the weather is looking clear. However, if this changes please pack a rain jacket.

If you are a parent helper for the day please arrive by 8.10am so we can run through the day. Parent helpers will be responsible for their group including toileting. Please be reassured that the toilets will be checked before students enter the cubicles.

Parents, if you are joining us at the zoo, please respect the parent helpers who are in charge of your child during this time. If you are going to meet us at the zoo with younger siblings –please remember that this is an educational experience for students and we will need the students to remain focussed on this, rather than their younger siblings. During the ‘Bush Party’ experience, parents attending with younger siblings will not be able to participate as there is a separate cost for this which was already included in student’s entry fees and this program is not open to the general public.

If you have any further questions please see your classroom teacher. We look forward to an educational, fun filled day.

Thanks for your continued support,

The Pre-primary team.

Welcome To Term 3

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and are ready to return to school on Monday 17th of July. We have another exciting term of learning planned and I am looking forward to seeing students abilities and confidence grow further this term.

This term, we will be focussing on Australia and Australian animals through our English program. To support our learning around this topic, we will be going on an excursion to Perth Zoo on Friday the 11th of August. A note regarding this will be sent home on Monday.

Below are a few important notes:

  • In week 2, on Tuesday 25th of July, we will be celebrating our 100th Day of School. Please see the note provided last term of the information on the blog regarding our fun dress up day that will form part of our celebrations.
  • Our school photos will be on Friday 21st of July.
  • A list of topics has been placed on the blog for our weekly Topic Time. A hard copy of this will be sent out on Monday.
  • Please bring in your $5 for Semester Two cooking at your earliest convenience. Students have LOVED participating in our cooking program and we would love to cook some new recipes in Semester Two.
  • Save The Date (Dads)- On Friday the 1st of September, we will be having a special Fathers Day Morning.
  • Our home readers will be sent home on Friday of week one. Each term our books are returned at the end of week 9 and all of the books are checked off and we are given a new trolley of books to borrow from. Thank you for your understanding in recognising that we do have week 10 and week 1 off home reading to allow for this transition of reading books throughout the school.
  • On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we will be commencing new morning writing books. These morning books are focussing on students reading the word (CVC words to start with) and then writing the word correctly using the dotted thirds lines. Our major focus in these books is developing students letter formations on the dotted thirds lines as this term, their writing books use this same format. Just like last term, students will only need to complete one column of words on each of these days.

Thanks for your continued support,


School Photos – Friday 21st July

Our class photos will be on Friday the 21st of July at 9:20am. Could students please come dressed in their purple uniform rather than their sports top on this day.

We can’t wait to see all of the beautiful smiling faces on our photo!