Welcome to Term Four!


I hope everyone has had a nice break and is ready for Term 4!

This term in literacy we are looking at fairytales starting in week 2. We will use this as an introduction to narrative writing and hopefully begin to see the students create their own stories. Fairytales we will be looking at include, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Bean Stalk, 3 Billy goats gruff, 3 little Pigs, Goldilocks, The Three bears and The Gingerbread man.

Within our literacy block we will continue to be focusing on Sight words, writing simple and compound sentences, sequencing events correctly and comprehension while still completing handwriting once a week.

In maths we will be continuing with mental strategies (counting backwards, counting on and facts to 10), partitioning, capacity and location and transformation.

In HASS we are going to be looking at different traditions and celebrations around the world. This should be a very interesting and engaging topic for all the students to get involved in.

For science we are completing a unit called ‘on the move’, we will be looking at the way things move and what enables them to do so.

News has slightly changed for this term, we are trying something different. There are two separate tasks that will be given to each student to have a turn throughout the term. The first one is call the Mystery Box. The mystery box come in three different sizes. The child’s task is to take the box home with them and choose something from home to bring in to school in the box (not a toy). They need to, with a bit of your help, think of 3 clues that they can say to their classmates to help them guess what might be inside the box, thinking about its shape, size colour, what it can be used for or made out of etc. Clue cards will also be sent home with the box. Please ensure if your child brings this home that it is brought back the next day so someone else can have a turn.

The second news task will be a class toy that will be sent home with a different student every day. The students will get to name this toy in the first week. I wish I could send him home over a whole weekend to have a bit more time but we need to make sure every child gets a turn. The toy will go home in a bed with a book, in the book can you please encourage your child to write something that they did with the toy (training, friends house, park, sharing dinner etc) and draw a picture. They will then bring it in the following day and share their adventures that they had with the teddy.

Morning writing books will be starting from week 2, the books this term are focusing on handwriting, in the morning could you please sit with your child and help them concentrate on forming their letters correctly if you have the time.

Sports carnival is Wednesday in week 3 (25th of October) it will only be going for half the day, as I have more information I will pass on to you.

Scholastic Book Club magazines have been put in each of the students take home boxes, the due date for these to be processed is the 27th of October.

Gluing, Play dough and Parent help rosters are all up on the back of the easel, I am so appreciative of all the help that is offered in this classroom, So thank you for continuing to do so.

Im looking forward to this term! I cant wait to see the progress each and every child has made over the year.



Weeks 7 and 8

The past few weeks have been very busy in Room 2. Thank you for your patience while I have been trying to get my education email and other aspects sorted.

My new email address is ashleigh.axford@education.wa.edu.au  Please do no hesitate to contact me regrading anything.

We have been very busy in the class

Recently in Maths we have been completing number addition stories and concentrating on counting backwards from 20. We also began looking at chance a data, using language such as likely or unlikely and possible or impossible.

In Literacy we have read Diary of a Wombat and How the Birds got their colours. We have enjoyed writing some of our own stories about different ways we believe birds may have got their colours. We are continuing to work on sounding out our words, our sight words, writing simple sentences, sequencing events and comprehension.

We also have had the opportunity to use a light box over the last few weeks which we have incorporated into literacy and maths. This has been great for the students as it has really engaged them.

In Science we have been learning about the weather, this has included using our cloud finder to go outside and using our cloud finders find the different types of clouds that we could see in the sky. Everyone had a good go at trying to pronounce all the names of the different clouds, even Cumulonimbus!

In week 7 we also had our Fathers Day morning, thank you to all family that came to celebrate the morning with the children, it looked as though everyone had a really great morning!

In week 8 we got to see the Japanese incursion and watched the performers play very loud drums. We also were lucky enough to spend some time in our outdoor classroom (nature playground), each child was given a nature passport with five different missions in it, these included painting rocks, making cubby houses, creating mud pies, painting a nature collage and completing a nature scavenger hunt. If your child would like to continuing using the Nature Passport there is a website in the font of the book, www.natureplay.org.au/passport where you can log on and will be given new mission to complete.

Thank you for all of your ongoing support, the transition for Mrs Tomich to myself has been so smooth and the students have adopted really well.

The next few weeks are going to be very busy getting ready for Open Night, Book Week and End of Term.

Thank you again.



Weeks 3 & 4

We have had another busy fortnight of fun and learning in Room 2.

In English we have been learning to:

* Read and write our sight words correctly.

* Find clues in texts to help us make meaning and to develop inferential thinking.

* Use strategies such as decoding, picture clues, chunking words into smaller parts and re reading the sentence with a tricky word in it to help decode the unfamiliar word using meaning.

* Sequence events in stories and retelling them with detail. (We have used sequencing cards and popstick characters to help us with this).

* Read and write simple sentences and edit our sentences to make sure they include  capitals, finger spaces, sounding out, correctly written sight words and full stops.

* Deleting initial and medial sounds from words to create new words.

* Substituting initial and medial sounds from words to create new words.

* Form our letters correctly on dotted thirds lines.

* Use a variety of sentence starters in our recount. Eg. First, next, then, after.


Our two Australian stories for the fortnight have been ‘Koala Lou’ and ‘Edward The Emu.’ Perhaps you could ask your child to retell the story to you at home.


In Mathematics we have been learning to:

  • Use the language of before, after and during.
  • Use the language of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  • Sequence events according to the amount of time they take (eg. Brushing your teeth, sneezing, walking to school and going on a holiday on an aeroplane).
  • Use 100 grids to help us work out the number that comes before and after a given number.
  • Add two numbers together.
  • Solve number stories using pictures and number sentences. Eg. There were 11 pieces of fruit in the fruit bowl and Mrs Tomich bought 4 more. How many are there now?


In Science we have been learning to:

Identify what an object is made of. We have been using our senses to explore what we see, feel and touch and to explain why we think an object is made of a particular material.


In HASS we have been learning to:

Identify the familiar features that are in our environment. We have drawn (and labelled) a map from home to school that shows the things we see on the journey. These are hanging in the classroom for you to view.


Lots of the work that we have been doing around our Australian books has been put away for open night in week 10. We look forward to surprising you with our amazing work then!


We also completed week 4 by having an amazing trip to the Perth Zoo. The students behaved beautifully throughout the excursion and thank you to the parents who came along and assisted on this day. The students enjoyed seeing all of the different animals and a highlight of the trip was participating in the Bush Party experience.


First students listened to a Story about Australian animals and then they dressed up as an Australian Animal. They were then required to find the animal that they were dressed as with their group in the Australian Walkabout. Each group found some interesting facts out about their animal before meeting back as a whole class to meet and pat Parker the Lizard.

We hope you enjoy looking at some of our pictures from our fun day.


Finally – as this is my last post with Miss Ashleigh Axford taking over as classroom teacher as of today, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support throughout the year. I have loved teaching your children and watching them grow and am very proud of their achievements. Thanks for all your kind words and wishes and I look forward to bringing Baby Tomich back to visit next term!

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Weeks 1 & 2

We have had a fantastic start to term with lots of fun-filled learning taking place in Room 2. This term, our English program is centred around Australian animals and stories and we look forward to  our visit to the Perth Zoo in Week Four.

In Week One, we once again visited the school garden with Mrs Fourie. We went on the hunt for broad beans in the gardens and discovered how to peel them, and in turn we ate them. Everyone tried the beans and most students enjoyed them as they were big and juicy! Mrs Fourie then talked to us about what plants need to grow and we fertilised some of the plants to help them grow. We look forward to seeing how the plants have grown next fortnight.

During week one, lots of our learning activities were focussed around the number 100 as part of our preparation for our 100th day of school celebrations. We focussed on counting to 100 and skip counting by 10s to 100 to help us to remember the decade numerals. We made crowns with 100 dots for our 100th day of school party, made treat bags which had 10 lots of 10 objects and created a writing and craft based on what we think we would be like when we are 100. Please pop in and have a look at the beautiful portraits and writing that the students have created.

On Tuesday 24th July, we had a 100th day of school party. The students looked amazing dressed up in their 100 years old outfits and Deb and I were delighted by the efforts made by parents and students – so thank you to your contribution to our special day. On this day we continued our focus on the number 100 and did lots of fun things such as counting how many times we could do numerous activities/exercises in 100 seconds, sharing with our friends about what we will do when we are 100 years old, going on a 100 year old parade in the nature playground, creating a paper chain with 100 links and much more.

In week 2 in Mathematics, we were learning about the difference between 2D and 3D shapes. We have also been identifying features of shapes, naming these shapes and trying to find them within the classroom and nature playground. Perhaps you could ask your child to see if they can find a cylinder, cone, cube or sphere around the house?

On Friday of week 2, we also cooked pumpkin scones as a conclusion to our reading of the story, Possum Magic, by Mem Fox. The students loved making the scones – and I am delighted to say that we had a 100% success rate with students eating them! Well done to our Room 2 Masterchefs.

Finally, in English, we have commenced using dotted thirds paper for our writing. I have been delighted to see students carefully positioning their letters when writing – which is fantastic to see. We have been working really hard to read and write simple sentences. When writing sentences, we are working to ensure that we accurately use capital letters and full stops, include a main idea and have spaces between words. We are also focussing on making our sentences exciting by including detail and adjectives. Furthermore, we are further developing our knowledge of letters and sounds and many students are starting to use diagraphs (two letters that make one sound eg. sh for ship) in their writing. I am seeing great progress in student’s writing ability and students should be proud of their progress in this area.

Finally, my apologies once again for no photos for this post for now. We have had a change to the website size limits of photos and we are in the process of changing how photos are uploaded to overcome this. I am hoping that I can upload some more in the next few days as I have some AMAZING pictures of our 100 days of school outfits and our classroom learning.

Many thanks for your continued support,


Weeks 9 and 10

It is almost the end of term, congratulations to all students and parents!

We have all been working hard in the classroom and we are so impressed with the efforts the children have shown and the growth that has occurred in each and every one of them.

In English we have been working on using friendly language to communicate with our friends and problem solve whilst in the home corner. We have been concentrating on blending CVC and CVCC words and forming simple sentences that include accurate use of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. In our writing we have also focused on making sure our letters sit on the grass line (solid base line) as next term we will be using dotted thirds lines throughout our English block.

In Maths we have been concentrating on addition. We have learnt a variety of different ways to help us to add two groups together. This is something we will be continuing on next term. We have all been trying extremely hard in our weekly maths challenges and have seen some fantastic progress this term.

Last week we went to the garden. We had a great time searching through the veggie patch, trying to find all the different citrus plants that were hiding in there. After, we all had a try of grapefruit. Some of us really enjoyed it while others were not huge fans!

On Thursday the 28th we got the opportunity to watch an Aboriginal dance as part of our NAIDOC week incursion.

If you and your child would like to take part in the Science competition can you please ensure that the forms are completed and returned to the office by Friday.

If you haven’t returned your child’s home reader, could you please do so ASAP so that we can tick off all of the books. Once this is done we can receive a fresh trolley of books ready for Term Three.

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation

Wishing everyone a happy and safe holidays!

PS. Apologies once again for not having any photos up at this point. We are experiencing some technical difficulties with the website.

Weeks 7 & 8

During weeks seven and eight we have been busy working away in the classroom.

In English, we have been focusing on reading and writing our sight words. We have also been learning to blend and segment CVC (eg. Cat) and CCVC (eg. Flop) words. In Writing, we have been focussing on making sure our letters are sitting on the ‘grass line’ (base line). The books we have read as a whole class include the Tiny Seed and The Hungry Caterpillar. We have been learning about the parts of a plant and focusing on sequencing events.

In Maths we have been concentrating on addition. We have been learning to add two groups together. We have used a range of concrete materials and techniques to help us learn this new concept.

In Science we have been learning to identify the changes that happen within our bodies. We looked at the changes that occur before, during and after exercise. We also have been focusing on space and shelter. As a part of our learning around this concept, we built shelters for different animals. We also introduced the idea of the Science week competition to the students. This is something you can choose to complete over the school holidays with your child if you choose to, Letters are being sent home at the beginning of next week explaining this in further detail.

Last week we went to the garden. We had a great time exploring all the different plants that were growing in there and trying to find all different coloured capsicums. After our vegetable hunt, we had the opportunity to try some capsicum. It was very tasty. We look forward to doing many more fun activities such as planting seeds and using the produce of the garden during our cooking program throughout the year.

Thank you to all parents that have been apart of our parent help this term. All the students have really enjoyed having both Mums and Dads help out with activities and to share in a morning of learning. This roster has now been taken down and put on our fridge as it is full until the end of term. A new roster will be placed up in Term Three.

Finally, today we made some delicious pancakes. The students loved mixing, measuring, stirring, decorating and most of all EATING them. It was a great end to the week.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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Weeks 5 and 6

During weeks five and six we have been completing lots of work and assessments in our class, getting ready for reports. Everyone has put in a huge effort and should be very proud of their achievements.

In Literacy we have been doing lots of blending and segmenting of CVC and CVCC words. We have been focusing on putting capital letters at the start of our sentences and full stops at the end. Our two focus stories for the fortnight have been The Lonely Firefly and Giraffes Can’t Dance. You may have seen that your child brought home a mask they made of Gerald the giraffe. If you get the chance, please ask your child to tell you about the story – possibly the emotions Gerald went through and times your children may have felt the same.

In Maths we have been learning about length and mass. In length we had the opportunity to measure a variety of objects and organise them from smallest to biggest. We have been exploring the mass of objects with scales, using two objects to find which is heavier or lighter. We also have been using cubes to create equal weight with a given object. The past two weeks we have all been trying really hard in our maths challenge to beat our previous scores. Also just a quick note about Mathletics – if you find the time please encourage your child to have a go at this valuable maths program at home.

Thank you to all parents for boxes you have brought in, we now have more than enough and will not need to collect any more at this stage.

Lastly, our gluing roster is up on the board and we are very grateful to everyone who has assisted with this. If you can find the time, we would love for you to put your name down to lend a hand as we need a few more parents to fill some empty spaces.

Thank you for your ongoing support and enjoy your long weekend!

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Morning Activities

In the mornings students have commenced practising their handwriting skills using a ‘Sight Words Handwriting Book.’ These will be placed out 3 times a week from 8:25 until the first bell at 8:37. On these days we would like students to complete 1 column of words per day. The idea of these books is to start exposing students to dotted thirds lines and the positioning of letters on these lines. Next term, dotted thirds will become a regular feature in our Literacy Block. We are also hoping to reinforce their letter formations and sight word knowledge at the same time.

All children will work through the same sight words as the focus is on handwriting, not just sight word recognition. When helping your child, please make sure they are starting their letters at the top and following the correct direction and finishing at the bottom.  Many children begin writing their letters at the bottom which results in incorrectly formed letters. Once the children have finished their handwriting practice, they can read their guided reading book to you (where possible). We would love for students to have the opportunity to read their book to an adult on a daily basis to develop their reading skills and sight word knowledge.

Many thanks,


During weeks three and four we have been busy getting back into our normal school routine. In week three we spent a lot of time getting ready for our Mothers Day morning (we hope you enjoyed the photos from our Mothers Day post). We loved having our Mums come in to decorate cupcakes, draw, paint nails, make necklaces and spend time together. We hope you all enjoyed the day as much as we did. On Monday, of week four, we wrote recounts of the day, which included a painting we completed and some pictures from the day. Next time you are in the class please take some time to have a read.

In Literacy we have been focusing on our sight words, CVC, CCVC words and building sentences correctly. We are also learning to use capital letters and full stops correctly. This week, we have also begun our book program reading books by Eric Carle. We have started with the Bad Tempered Ladybird and completed a writing activity and craft piece based on the book.

Our home reading program also commenced this week. Please make sure you view the link to our itunes U course on home reading if you haven’t already as it provides many great tips for engaging in the home reading process. Thank you to Erin (Hayden’s mum) who has very kindly offered to change over our books each Friday.

In Maths we have been focusing on writing our numbers to 20 with no reversals and trying to write to and beyond 100, We are starting to get very good at writing and forming our numbers correctly. We also have been learning about length and organising objects from shortest to longest.

On Thursday the 18th we completed our Lapathon, everyone put in a huge effort and it was great to see so many parents come down to support their children.

Also just a quick note, if we can please start collecting empty boxes at home to bring in to school as in upcoming weeks we will be completing some box construction activities. (This may include things such as cereal boxes, muesli boxes, empty rolls from paper towels etc.)

Thank you and we look forward to the weeks ahead!


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Weeks 1 & 2

We have had a great first two weeks back at school. The students have loved participating in swimming lessons and we have had outstanding behaviour, both on the bus and at the pool. As the days went on, students were increasingly tired on our way back home and some students enjoyed a little rest on the way back.

In class, we have been busy getting ready for our Mothers Day Morning next Friday. We have been singing a special song for our mums and doing lots of special activities around this theme. The students can’t wait to show you what we have been doing when we see you next Friday. Therefore, we only have a few photos to show you this week to keep some surprises for our special morning.

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