Harmony Day – Friday 17th March

On Friday the 17th of March, we celebrated the wonderful cultural diversity of our school by participating in Harmony Day. We had lots of fun learning about similarities and differences between people from different cultures and backgrounds. We also enjoyed reading two special books by Mem fox called, ‘I’m Australian Too,’ and, ‘Whoever You Are.’ These books provided a great opportunity for us to explore and discuss differences between cultures.

As well as completing our literacy rotations we:

  • Had a look at some different flags from around the world and created our own Australian flag to take home.
  • Created our own Harmony Day certificate.
  • Learned how to say hello and goodbye in some different languages (Please see the bottom of this website if you would like to practise some with your child     http://www.harmony.gov.au/get-involved/schools/)
  • Discussed which food we bought in for our celebration picnic and which country it was from
  • Played some games from different countries

We had an amazing supply of foods from a huge variety of countries and are very thankful to our wonderful parents for supporting this day.

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Here is a small section of us singing the song, “We Are Australian.”


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