Morning Activities

In the mornings students have commenced practising their handwriting skills using a ‘Sight Words Handwriting Book.’ These will be placed out 3 times a week from 8:25 until the first bell at 8:37. On these days we would like students to complete 1 column of words per day. The idea of these books is to start exposing students to dotted thirds lines and the positioning of letters on these lines. Next term, dotted thirds will become a regular feature in our Literacy Block. We are also hoping to reinforce their letter formations and sight word knowledge at the same time.

All children will work through the same sight words as the focus is on handwriting, not just sight word recognition. When helping your child, please make sure they are starting their letters at the top and following the correct direction and finishing at the bottom.  Many children begin writing their letters at the bottom which results in incorrectly formed letters. Once the children have finished their handwriting practice, they can read their guided reading book to you (where possible). We would love for students to have the opportunity to read their book to an adult on a daily basis to develop their reading skills and sight word knowledge.

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