Oral Language Topic Time

Oral language is an important part of our Pre primary curriculum and we like to provide opportunities for students to engage in speaking and listening tasks in a variety of contexts within the classroom environment. This term, we are commencing a weekly ‘Topic Time’ in which students will be asked to prepare and present on a specific topic each week. We use a variety of set topics to keep it interesting and for students to develop and use a broader range of vocabulary. To support students confidence and abilities in this area, I would love for you to help your child to prepare and practise for this at home. Attached you will find the topics for the term, a schedule of news days (as I have allocated a day each week for students) and a template sheet for week 5.

If you have any questions regarding our oral language program, please feel free to see or email me. Thanks in advance for your support with this.


Mystery Item – Adjectives brainstorm News roster Term Two news

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