Sight Words Flash Cards

At Aubin Grove Primary School, we focus on learning to read and write the Magic 100 Sight Words as part of our Literacy program. Instant recognition of these frequently occurring words, helps your child to develop fluency and maintain comprehension when reading. I have some sight words flash cards that I have made to match each of the colour words in our program. Please feel free to print and laminate these cards at home to practise with or play games such as memory or fish (you will need to print two copies for these games).

The sequence of colours for the Magic 100 Sight words is gold, red, blue, green, orange, indigo then violet.

I hope you enjoy using these with your child.

100 sight words checklist with colours

Gold sight words

Sight words flash cards red

sight words flash cards blue

sight words flash cards green

sight words flash cards orange

sightwords flash cards indigo

sightwords flashcards violet


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