Our First Two Weeks Of Pre Primary

During our first few weeks of Pre primary, we have been busy making new friends, exploring our new classroom and learning new things.

We were also introduced to our class puppet, Walter. He tells us before each lesson what we are going to be learning (WALT- We Are Learning To….). He then explains to us what he is looking for when we are doing our learning (WILF- What I am Looking for?). This helps us to know what it is we need to be able to do in order to master the the skill/concept being taught. In a few weeks time, we will be learning to negotiate and set our own personal learning goals.

Some of the things we have enjoyed during weeks one and two were:

  • Playing in the ‘Room 2 Café’
  • Completing a rocket name craft
  • Doing our first Pre-primary painting
  • Going to Japanese, Art, Music, Sport and Library with our specialist teachers.
  • Doing our first piece of writing about things we like to create a class book
  • Collaging our names at the craft table
  • Playing with ‘Magic’ playdough
  • Learning how to be, ‘Bucket Fillers’ and to follow the school Fish Philosophy

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