Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons – Term 2

Swimming lessons will start on the our first day back (Wednesday 26th April). Our swimming session will start at 12.30 pm at Southlake Leisure Centre.

We will be getting changed at school both before and after the lesson. However, if your child has bathers such as a two piece for girls or speedo’s for boys, you may wish for them to wear these under their school uniform so that they only have to make minor changes before the lesson.

As we will be having a late lunch at approximately 1.40, please also pack a recess that will sustain your child until this time.

Please pack a swimming bag which will include easy slip on shoes to wear, swimming goggles if needed, a swimming towel and a dressing gown (or something warm that is easy to take on and off) to wear to and from the pool. We find a dressing gown is the easiest item of clothing to take off and put on at the end of the lesson.

Please also have two clearly labelled bags (plastic bags/fabric shopping bags work well). One bag will be their swimming bag they will take with them to the pool and the other bag will be used to place their school uniform into. This bag will stay at school. Please remember to pack underwear in this bag. Each morning the children will remove their uniform and wear their dressing gown to the pool and then change into full uniform once we arrive back at school.

Lastly, please clearly label all items of clothing and towels. This makes it easy for us to find the owner of missing items.

Many thanks for your assistance,


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