Week 5 News – Mystery Item

In week 5, our topic for our oral language program is “Mystery Item.” A template sheet was handed out with the original news topics, however a copy of this can also be found below.

To prepare for this topic, students will need to think of an object that they would like to bring in that they can write clues for. Whilst students share their news with the class, the object will remain hidden (so please bring the item in concealed in a container or bag). They will then provide clues for their object and their peers will get an opportunity to listen to their clues and guess the item. A sample sheet is included below for ideas (there is two samples on the one sheet below for ideas, the top one is clues for an apple, the bottom is clues for popcorn – students only need to provide clues for one answer).

Many thanks for your support with our oral language program.

Dee, Deb & Ashleigh

Mystery Item – Adjectives brainstorm

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