Weeks 5 and 6

During weeks five and six we have been completing lots of work and assessments in our class, getting ready for reports. Everyone has put in a huge effort and should be very proud of their achievements.

In Literacy we have been doing lots of blending and segmenting of CVC and CVCC words. We have been focusing on putting capital letters at the start of our sentences and full stops at the end. Our two focus stories for the fortnight have been The Lonely Firefly and Giraffes Can’t Dance. You may have seen that your child brought home a mask they made of Gerald the giraffe. If you get the chance, please ask your child to tell you about the story – possibly the emotions Gerald went through and times your children may have felt the same.

In Maths we have been learning about length and mass. In length we had the opportunity to measure a variety of objects and organise them from smallest to biggest. We have been exploring the mass of objects with scales, using two objects to find which is heavier or lighter. We also have been using cubes to create equal weight with a given object. The past two weeks we have all been trying really hard in our maths challenge to beat our previous scores. Also just a quick note about Mathletics – if you find the time please encourage your child to have a go at this valuable maths program at home.

Thank you to all parents for boxes you have brought in, we now have more than enough and will not need to collect any more at this stage.

Lastly, our gluing roster is up on the board and we are very grateful to everyone who has assisted with this. If you can find the time, we would love for you to put your name down to lend a hand as we need a few more parents to fill some empty spaces.

Thank you for your ongoing support and enjoy your long weekend!

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