Weeks 6 and 7

Weeks 6 and 7 have been filled with many new learning challenges and lots of fun. We have loved spending time with our friend (puppet) Walter during our lessons who helps to reinforce our WALT (We Are Learning To) or learning intentions. During the past two weeks, some key things we have been learning to do are:

  • Include spaces between words
  • Identify and write initial sounds in words
  • Read with one to one match between spoken and written words
  • Recognise and write our gold sight words
  • Sequence and recognise numbers to 20
  • Identify numbers that come before and after a given number
  • Copy, continue and create patterns

Some of our learning experiences that we have enjoyed include:

  • Cooking honey joys
  • Recount writing
  • Creating pattern necklaces with fruitloops
  • Playing a game to help us identify numbers that come before and after a given number
  • Sorting pictures according to their initial sounds
  • Planting broccoli and radish seeds
  • Writing simple sentences
  • Participating in Harmony Day celebrations

Here are a few photos of our fabulous Room 2 learners.

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