Weeks 8 and 9

During week 8, the students and I began negotiating their writing goals. Together, we looked through their writing books and figured out what students wanted to focus on and set a goal. These goals can be found in students individual goal books which will live in their take home boxes. Please ensure when emptying take home boxes each afternoon, that these books remain at school. However, you are more than welcome to read these goals and practise these skills at home with your child. The idea of the goal setting books is that students can record and track their goals and once they have demonstrated their goal 4 times, they get to move their astronaut to the next planet or star on our in class goal setting chart. We are keeping the goal books in the take home boxes so that students can easily access their books during learning tasks.

This fortnight, we have also incorporated some Easter activities into our learning program. Below is a list of some of our learning focuses and I hope you enjoy a few snapshots of the students at work.

  • Investigating the length of objects
  • Ordering objects from shortest to longest
  • Identifying sounds in CVC
  • Graphing our sight words (the majority of students have been working on red sight words for this – however this activity was differentiated for students abilities)
  • Including finger spaces between words
  • Forming our numbers to 20 correctly
  • Copying, continuing and creating patterns
  • Identifying numbers before and after a given number (using a number line)

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