Weeks 9 and 10

It is almost the end of term, congratulations to all students and parents!

We have all been working hard in the classroom and we are so impressed with the efforts the children have shown and the growth that has occurred in each and every one of them.

In English we have been working on using friendly language to communicate with our friends and problem solve whilst in the home corner. We have been concentrating on blending CVC and CVCC words and forming simple sentences that include accurate use of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. In our writing we have also focused on making sure our letters sit on the grass line (solid base line) as next term we will be using dotted thirds lines throughout our English block.

In Maths we have been concentrating on addition. We have learnt a variety of different ways to help us to add two groups together. This is something we will be continuing on next term. We have all been trying extremely hard in our weekly maths challenges and have seen some fantastic progress this term.

Last week we went to the garden. We had a great time searching through the veggie patch, trying to find all the different citrus plants that were hiding in there. After, we all had a try of grapefruit. Some of us really enjoyed it while others were not huge fans!

On Thursday the 28th we got the opportunity to watch an Aboriginal dance as part of our NAIDOC week incursion.

If you and your child would like to take part in the Science competition can you please ensure that the forms are completed and returned to the office by Friday.

If you haven’t returned your child’s home reader, could you please do so ASAP so that we can tick off all of the books. Once this is done we can receive a fresh trolley of books ready for Term Three.

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation

Wishing everyone a happy and safe holidays!

PS. Apologies once again for not having any photos up at this point. We are experiencing some technical difficulties with the website.

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