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Term 7, Week 4

Welcome to week 7. You may have noticed a box covered in christmas wrap in our room. This has sparked the interest of all the kids. We have started to take collections of food for the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. Please refer to the blog I posted on Wednesday for specific details. It would be […]

Christmas Food Appeal

It is already that time of year again and we are beginning to start collections for the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. We have a box inside our classroom (On top of the cupboards behind the drink bottles) which is wrapped in green reindeer paper as well as a poster that is on display outside on […]

Oral Presentation Homework

Oral Presentation Homework In weeks 8, 9 and 10 students will be asked to give an oral presentation about significant family events/traditions. You can make your presentation using a prompt such a poster, keynote/powerpoint (on a USB), artefact or costume. The presentation should include, but is not limited to: The type of event and why […]

Term 4, Week 6

Welcome to week 6. We have definitely passed the half way mark of term. We have been very busy the last few weeks completing assessments for moderation and reporting purposes. The children have all coped very well and it has been amazing to track the progress they have made since the first day of Year […]

Learning about Keeping Safe Online

This week we are beginning to learn more about keeping ourselves safe when online. At a Year 1 level it is important that the message begin to be taught and reinforced even though it will be a number of years before they are online with limited supervision. Through these lessons we hope to offer a […]

Term 4, Week 5

Welcome to week 5. Wow, the first half of the term has flown by and we have certainly hit the ground running in Room 20. Mrs J will be in 2 days again this week, Monday and Friday and will run her usual daily program on both days. This week we will finish off learning […]

Sports Carnival

Dear Parent/Caregiver, Due to poor weather conditions last Wednesday we unfortunately had to suspend events for all year 1 and 2 competitors. A decision has been made to run the year 1 and 2 component of the Junior Carnival this Friday the 3rd November. This date provides us with more flexibility with times so please […]

Term 4, Week 4

Welcome to week 4. You should have noticed that your child came home with their grey Aubin Grove progress folder on Thursday. These are for you to go through with your child and track their progress from Term 1 to Term 3. Once you have looked through the folder please return it so I can […]

Popcorn Thursday!!!

  We have had a wonderful day learning all about popcorn!!! Due to our sports carnival yesterday we used the time we had in the afternoon to create a suitable holder/container for our popcorn out of just 1 piece of paper and sticky tape. Most of the children were able to complete this on their […]