Congratulations to all of our super star performers!!!

Well done to all of the children in Room 20 on a wonderful assembly. They have all worked so hard to remember all of their lines, song words and actions and did a fantastic job this afternoon. I was very proud of them all. Here are a few highlights I managed to capture.


Week 10, Term 3

Welcome to our busiest week of term. It’s going to be a crazy but good one!

This week we have lots of things happening in Room 20 at the moment. Kiss and drop continues every day this week until Thursday.

All home readers were due back on Friday so if your child didn’t bring them in please return them first thing Monday morning so I can do a quick audit and pass the trolley onto another class.

THIS TUESDAY IS OUR ASSEMBLY!!!  We are all very excited and think we are ready to go. It starts straight after lunch at 1:15pm in the under cover area. As it is early close children will be sent home in their costumes. You are welcome to change them after school in the bathrooms that are scattered around the school if you prefer.

We will be having a visit from an author this week as part of book week. Our time has been scheduled for Wednesday morning before recess.

WEDNESDAY IS OPEN NIGHT. The school will be opening from 5:30-7pm for you to come in and see what we have been up to.

On Thursday the children may bring in free choice news like last term. I would also like to invite them to bring in a board game that they would like to share and play with during our maths session. Can all news items and games remain at home until Thursday morning.

I hope everyone gets lots of rest on the weekend ready for our mammoth week. I can’t wait to see it all come together.




Finally Friday will end with book week celebrations. All children are invited to come dressed up. Please refer to my previous blog which gives more information on dress up options. There will also be a parade first thing in the morning on the tennis courts.

I am looking forward to a busy but rewarding week.


Term 3, Week 9

Welcome to week 9!!!

Wow, the weeks are flying by and we have been very hard at work trying to fit in assembly practices and preparing work for open night and our progress folders.

This week will be the last week for homework. Home readers will be sent home on Monday as usual. However there will be no spelling sent home this week. With the last week of term being very very busy for us I can’t fit in spelling tests so will stop it and pick it up again next term. Can I please ask that ALL home readers be returned by Friday 15th September at the latest. I will send notes home trying to chase any that haven’t been returned on the following Monday.

Can I please ask that for all of next week and the following week until open night (Monday 11th-Thursday 21st September) that you kiss and drop your child outside. We are madly trying to prepare for open night and need to begin hanging up our work. If you need to give me a message you are more than welcome to email me or send your child in and ask me to pop out to see you.

Our assembly practices are coming on nicely and will continue each day until our assembly. Everyone has brought in their book and most have also brought in their costumes for the day. If you haven’t sent one in could it please be sent in no later than Monday 11th September.

Next week in our literacy block we will be continuing to explore persuasive texts. Sorry to anyone who has had their child come home asking for an iguana or any other type of unusual pet. Or arguing their point/opinion as to why or why not they should do something. We are all very good at forming an opinion and trying to persuade others. It has been a fun topic to explore and I have had many laughs with the class already!

In maths we are looking at friendly numbers still and how they change around when coming up with addition and subtraction number sentences.

I hope everyone manages to get in lots of rest this week ready to enter our busiest and last week of Term 3.


Disco wrist bands will be sent home this afternoon.

Friday, 8th Sept

Mrs J will be away this Friday so a relief teacher will be in.

Fume Free Friday

Just a reminder that Fume Free Friday is this coming Friday, 8th September. If you walk/ride/scoot to school and bring your own plastic cup you can get a free milo before school from Learning Community 4.

Favourite sporting team Friday

This Friday, 25th August, students are invited to come dressed as their favourite sporting team. The Year 6’s are fundraising and have organised this day. In order to take part and come dressed in your sporting teams gear or colours you will need to bring in a gold coin donation.

Term 3, Week 6

Welcome to week 6.

Our assembly practice is well underway and favourite books have begun to come in. Thank you to all of those children who have selected their book and brought it in clearly labelled. Once your child has made up their mind on their books please do send them in as soon as you can. Costumes don’t need to be sent in until week 8.

Our classroom is looking very bare and almost everything has been taken down so I can plan and prepare the space for open night.

This week we will be introducing the er/ir/ur sound. We have begun to discuss the difference and come up with statements, questions and exclamations in literacy and will continue focusing on this over the coming week. We will also be looking at settings and adjectives and ways in which we can describe them. Mrs Tomich will be taking the class on Thursday so I can complete the PM Benchmark reading assessment for your child’s progress folder.

As we are half way through the term and assessments are beginning to take place across all learning areas. Progress folders will be sent home on the last Thursday of term. If your child is not here on that day they will kept until they return the day after or in Term 4.

In maths we will be learning about turn arounds and data. The children have come up with some great questions that require a yes/no answer. This week we will focus on posing questions that have more possible answers such as what is your favourite ice cream flavour etc.

We have been working hard on the iPads to create our emotions poster in Health and are almost finished. Once complete we will return to our RRRR health program that we started at the beginning of the term.

In HASS we are almost experts at identifying the equator, north and south poles and the northern and southern hemispheres. We are now moving on to explore the weather and seasons that occur around the world.

Have a great week.

School Photos

School Photos are coming home today.

School Uniform

Mr Pansini came onto the louder speaker this morning to talk to us about what we can and cannot wear at school.

We have discussed what Mr Pansini said and have written a blog post as a class with the rules.

At Aubin Grove we have a set uniform.

HATS: Every child needs a broad brimmed hat. Even if they get lost children will not be allowed to play or come out from under the verandah if they do not have a hat with a broad brim. CAPS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

JUMPERS: Children must wear the Aubin Grove jacket or a plain navy blue jumper if they don’t have a school jacket. No other colours, jumpers with pictures or jackets/jumpers with hoods are allowed.

UNDERSHIRTS: are allowed in the cold weather but need to be navy blue only.

HAIR ACCESSORIES: Hair accessories have gotten very big and are causing children to get distracted during class time. Girls are allowed to wear small bows and headbands only. Hair ties and clips are fine.

JEWELLERY: No jewellery other than earrings can come into room 20. Watches have been coming in but are beginning to be played with so it is preferred that they stay at home so they don’t get lost.

From the children of Room 20.