Term 4, week 9

Christmas has hit our room!!! We put up and decorated a tree on Thursday and then completed a procedure writing activity on how we decorate a tree. The children had to write the steps involved in decorating a tree before we set ours up later on in the session.

This week we will be doing lots of procedure writing based on Christmas topics. We will also continue our oral presentations. Thanks so much to everyone who has brought theirs in and presented already. We are really enjoying listening and learning about different celebrations, traditions, holidays and hobbies that our peers take part in. We will listen to 3 presentations a day. Once your child has presented their items will be sent home with their presentation rubric so you can get some idea of how they went. If you child hasn’t completed or brought in their presentation please send it in by Monday.

We have had so much fun in Maths learning all about directional language and how to give and follow instructions. This week we will use our understanding of this to complete some direction drawing activities as well as consolidate some of the other concepts we have learnt throughout the year.

A blog went out last week in regards to our class Christmas party. Can you please send in the $5 so we can confirm and pay for our pizza order. I will also go shopping with the left over money to buy juice boxes, ice poles and some other party treats for us to enjoy on the day.

Next week will be our last week of school for the year. There are a few important dates and events that will occur in this last week:

Monday 11th Dec – Transition afternoon.

Tuesday 12th Dec – Class party (no lunch required) & End of year Concert

Thursday 14th Dec – Last day of term.

I hope you have a great week. I am looking forward to getting into the Christmas spirit with the rest of the class.

Library Books

Just a reminder that it is our last session in the library and all books are due back today.

Please ensure your child has their book and bag with them this morning.



Term 7, Week 4

Welcome to week 7.

You may have noticed a box covered in christmas wrap in our room. This has sparked the interest of all the kids. We have started to take collections of food for the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. Please refer to the blog I posted on Wednesday for specific details. It would be great to have a full box to give to the Salvation Army when they come to collect it on the 12th December.

All library books are due back this Tuesday. As of this week there will be no more book borrowing from the library.

Home readers will still come home for homework until week 8 and we have asked that students work on an oral presentation so they are ready to present on Monday 27th November. All information in regards to the oral presentations has been posted on a seperate blog.

We are off to an assembly again on Tuesday.

In English this week we will be looking at summarising texts. We will also begin to explore procedures.

In Mathematics we have begun exploring directional language and how to give and follow instructions. We have played a few games in pairs which has allowed us to discuss things we found easy and hard in relation to the instructions we were given. We will continue to explore this in the up and coming weeks.

In HASS we have been learning about natural, constructed and managed environments. We have had some great discussions about the three different types of environments and will continue to explore the differences between each this week.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.


Oral Presentation Homework

Oral Presentation Homework

In weeks 8, 9 and 10 students will be asked to give an oral presentation about significant family events/traditions. You can make your presentation using a prompt such a poster, keynote/powerpoint (on a USB), artefact or costume.

The presentation should include, but is not limited to:

  • The type of event and why you celebrate/commemorate it.
  • Who is involved in the event?
  • Where does it take place?
  • What do you do?
  • Why do you do these things?

Examples (but not exclusively) include Christmas, Birthdays, Religious ceremonies, to Annual Camping Trips.

Please ensure your student is prepared to share by the Mon 27 Nov. All props, notes, posters etc need to be in on this day.

Learning Intention: We are learning to give an oral presentation.

Success Criteria: I can speak clearly and loudly. I look at the audience when speaking. I can speak fluently. I use visuals to help me. I speak for 1-3 minutes.

Term 4, Week 6

Welcome to week 6. We have definitely passed the half way mark of term. We have been very busy the last few weeks completing assessments for moderation and reporting purposes. The children have all coped very well and it has been amazing to track the progress they have made since the first day of Year 1.

This week everything should be back to normal. I will be teaching my full 4 days, Monday to Thursday and Mrs J on the Friday unless any unforeseen circumstances arise.

We are off to assembly on Tuesday and will also be borrowing books from the Library for the last time this year. Please remember to bring back your bag and book from the previous week so that you can borrow with the rest of the class.

In English we will be learning to skim and scan during our guided reading sessions and finish up learning about persuasive writing.

In Maths we are moving on to giving and following directions. We will be playing some barrier games and completing tasks that encourage strong listening and speaking skills.

We have been learning about being healthy, safe and active in health. Over the next few weeks we will be discussing ways to be and stay healthy.

If anyone would like to arrange a catch up meeting with me prior to reports coming home the last week of term please feel free to send me an email to arrange.

Just a reminder to please return progress folders ASAP. Also, as the weather warms up don’t forget to apply sunblock before coming to school in the mornings. I have noticed some children not coming in with water bottles. If you can kindly send one with your child each day it would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great week.


Progress Folders

Just a reminder to please return progress folders as soon as you are finished with them. These will then go with your child to Year 2.


Term 3, Week 8

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s, Grandad’s and special men in our lives. I hope you all enjoyed your little gift and card that your child made for you.

This week we will be completing full assembly practices each day. All speaking parts have been assigned and I will copy and laminate them so they can be taken home to practice. I am hoping the children have enough time to practice and familiarise themselves with their role so on the day they won’t need to hold onto their speaking cards. I will be close by to assist if they run into trouble. If you can please send in costumes this week, in a clearly labelled bag, so I can ensure everyone has something and we are well and truely organised for our special moment in the lime light that would be great. Just to remind you our assembly is TUESDAY 19th SEPTEMBER.

We have our Japanese incursion scheduled for this Thursday. If you haven’t already please make sure you send in the payment and permission form to the front office as soon as you can. Anyone who hasn’t paid unfortunately cannot attend and will be sent to another class during our scheduled time.

This Thursday is Outdoor Classroom Day I am trying to plan, depending on the weather, a period of our day that we can complete outside. This is Australia’s first year joining the global event and Aubin Grove is one of 200 schools / learning centres taking part from WA this year. We are very lucky at Aubin Grove to have such wonderful play spaces that encourage us to use our imagination, practice and strengthen our gross motor skills and foster positive social interactions.

This week in Literacy we are moving on from narratives to begin looking at persuasive texts. We will be reading a number of books that require us to form an opinion and have lots of oral discussions as to why we believe our opinion is the correct one. I am looking forward to seeing how the children respond to this and hope we can all have a bit of fun while we are learning at the same time! We are also introducing the or/aw sound in phonics and will explore this sound for the next 2 weeks.

On Tuesday we will be completing the math assessment to go in our Progress folder. We will also begin to look at friendly numbers such as 3,5 & 8.

In HASS we have moved on to exploring weather around the state and world. Last week we combined with Miss Fletcher’s class to finish our globes and create an iMovie for open night. The children will watch the iMovie they performed in and see how filming on the green screen has allowed us to insert different backgrounds during the movie.

I hope you all have a great week!



Term 3, Week 7

Welcome to week 7!

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the lovely weather we have been having.

Tomorrow is forecast to be a lot warmer than we are use to so please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will be completing our writing assessment for our progress folder. The children will be introduced to the writing topic and we will have time to have an oral discussion before they have to write, completely unassisted, for 20 minutes. These will them be collected, marked and moderated by the Year 1 team. They will be in your child’s folder which will be handed out on the last Thursday of term.

We are working hard to learn our words to our assembly song and will continue to practice our assembly each day. Tomorrow I will be assigning speaking parts. Over the coming days once all speaking roles have been assigned and children are happy with them I will send home a copy so children can practice these at home. Daily assembly practice will be scheduled into my timetable from now on until our assembly. Children have been bringing in their favourite books and discussing what they are wanting to wear. Can I please ask that all costumes/clothing be brought in CLEARLY LABELLED, in a bag, by Thursday next week. Costumes don’t need to be over the top as children will need to sit, stand and dance in a small space on the day.

In Maths we are continuing to learn about data and the turn around mental maths strategy. The children are getting really good at posing questions and finding the best way to collect data.

Tomorrow we will be working with Misss Fletcher’s class to create an iMovie on weather. The filming will take part in Miss Fletcher’s classroom while the rest of the two classes will combine and be in our room to complete our HASS open night activity.

I will be away on Thursday so Mrs J will take the class for the day.

I hope you all have a great week.

Term 3, Week 5

Welcome to week 5. I am back on deck and feeling a lot better than I have over the last two weeks.

Last week we finished up learning about Australian coins in maths and creating mental images using information given to us in texts.

We move on this week to focus on some new topics in both literacy and numeracy.

In literacy we continue to identify the oi/oy sound in words. During our phonics sessions we begin the day by completing a word sort. This is done each morning before school and continues for 10-15 minutes once the siren goes. We were introduced to this sound last week and have discovered over the week that the oi sound is usually found in the middle of words such as foil, soil and coil. An exception to this is the word oil. We then realised the oy sound is normally found at the end of words such as in joy, annoy and destroy.

During our literacy block this week we will be focusing on settings in our guided readers and big book. We will be using adjectives to describe the settings and how important they are in the text.

In maths we will begin to explore data and questions we can pose to gather data. We will also be learning the friendly numbers strategy to help us solve addition problems. The friendly number strategy is an easy strategy to implement when we come across sums that end in 0. EG 10+7. The 7 takes the place of the 0 so the answer is 17. The children have really enjoyed solving these types of number problems and are getting very quick at it.

In HASS we are learning about the world. We have talked about the land and water and named the continents. We are learning about the equator, the hemispheres and the north and south pole and are completing an ongoing work sample that will be displayed on open night.

We are having fun on the iPads and are learning all about an app called comic life. We have been using this app during our health lessons to create posters on emotions that will also be displayed at our open night on the last Wednesday of term.

As it is week 5 and our assembly is fast approaching this week we will begin to start practicing our song and discuss what talking parts there will be. Each child will be offered to have a talking role during our assembly but won’t be forced to do so if they aren’t comfortable. I will post a seperate blog to do with our assembly to give you the heads up of what is needed in terms of costumes.

Just a heads up that we will be celebrating our book week in week 10 and the last Friday of term the children will be allowed to come dressed up. The Year One team will be selecting a book that is one of the listed books, which we will let you know soon, and the children may come dressed up in something to do with our selected book.

Just a reminder that ‘T’ days are kiss and drop.

I would also like to remind everyone that on Friday’s homework is due. Children need to put their reading folder in the orange basket on the table near my desk, spelling words, if ready for testing, in the blue basket and every fortnight their homework grid in the green basket. These are all clearly labelled and haven’t changed throughout the year. I have two amazing parent volunteers that come in each week and test the children with their spelling words and change the home readers. If home readers and spelling books haven’t been put in the basket on Friday’s then your child won’t get a new book or spelling words that week.

Last week we had a discussion on classroom and school rules just to jog everyone’s memories and to revise Mr Pansini’s message about not bringing items from home to school. The topic of handballs came up as there had been a few appear in class. After clarifying with admin it was decided that students are allowed to bring handballs to school to play with during recess and lunch breaks only. The children have been informed that handballs are their responsibility and if they go missing, get damaged or end up on the roof etc unfortunately teachers can’t spend time trying to find them or get them down. All other toys, jewellery and keepsakes must remain at home as per the school rules.

I hope you all have a great week.



Food for school

I have had a large number of children come up to me today and over the recent weeks complaining they are still hungry or don’t have any food to eat at recess or lunch. I have happily given out any spare fruit I have brought in however am struggling to have enough apples or bananas to cover the whole class when one after the other they come up and mention they have run out of food or don’t have anything to eat.

If I could ask for crunch and sip to be brought in a seperate container from now on so the children don’t accidentally continue to eat all of their recess and/or lunch during our in-class break. Crunch and sip must be fruit and vegetables only. We break at about 9:45 for a quick 5 minute nibble, drink of water and a toilet break. Crunch and sip is seperate to recess and children still need food packed for recess.

The children then go out to recess at 10:45. They must sit and are meant to eat something in the first 5 minutes before they run off and play. The lunch siren goes at 12:35 and the children have to sit and eat for the first 15 minutes. If it is possible to pack a few extra things so the children have some more options if they still feel hungry that would be great.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.


Amy Caird