A note will be sent home today in regards to an excursion we will be going on in a few weeks time.

We will be heading to Peninsula Farm to expand and consolidate our learning about past and present family life that we have been exploring in our HASS lessons over the last two terms.

During our visit to Peninsula Farm we will be using our inquiry skills to compare ways family life has changed from past to present. We will explore an old fashioned home, play olden day games, compare artefacts from the past and present and look at the ways children made their own toys from item that were found in the environment.

We will be out for most of the day and will be joining Room 41 and 30.

The cost of the excursion is $13. If you could please read all of the consent forms carefully and return your money and permission slip to the box outside the front office at your earliest convenience it would be muchly appreciated.


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