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I have had a large number of children come up to me today and over the recent weeks complaining they are still hungry or don’t have any food to eat at recess or lunch. I have happily given out any spare fruit I have brought in however am struggling to have enough apples or bananas to cover the whole class when one after the other they come up and mention they have run out of food or don’t have anything to eat.

If I could ask for crunch and sip to be brought in a seperate container from now on so the children don’t accidentally continue to eat all of their recess and/or lunch during our in-class break. Crunch and sip must be fruit and vegetables only. We break at about 9:45 for a quick 5 minute nibble, drink of water and a toilet break. Crunch and sip is seperate to recess and children still need food packed for recess.

The children then go out to recess at 10:45. They must sit and are meant to eat something in the first 5 minutes before they run off and play. The lunch siren goes at 12:35 and the children have to sit and eat for the first 15 minutes. If it is possible to pack a few extra things so the children have some more options if they still feel hungry that would be great.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.


Amy Caird

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