Our Assembly

Our class assembly is on the last Tuesday of this term, 19th September. It will be held in the undercover area straight after our lunch break at 1:15pm.

We have decided as a class that we would like to do our assembly based around Reading and Books seeing as though we will be celebrating book week during that week.

We have selected a song that we will sing and begin to learn this week and will also discuss what we have learnt about books and reading this year.

Everyone will be offered the opportunity to have a speaking role if they would like on the day and will be highly encouraged, that even if they don’t want to have a speaking role on the day, actively take part in all other aspects of the assembly.

The children will be asked to selected their favourite book, which can be fiction or non fiction, and bring it in so it can be used for the assembly. If these books can be labelled and sent in as soon as possible that would be great. They will remain at school until our assembly is over. I would also like the children to dress up as a character from their favourite book. This doesn’t need to be over the top as the children will need to get dressed into their costume on their own on the day and also be comfortable when sitting down, walking around and dancing on the day. Some ideas could be a prince/princess, sports player, researcher/explorer (if their book is a non fiction book),  Where’s Wally, wicked witch etc. I would like all costumes sent in a clearly labeled bag by Monday 11th September.

When we have sorted speaking roles I will send a copy of the children’s speaking part home so it can be practiced regularly.

If you have any questions please feel free to catch me and have a chat after school one afternoon or send me an email.


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