Our visit with Constable Care

This blog has been written by all the students in Room 20.

Today we had a visit from Constable Care and some of his friends. We went with room 4 and 5 to the undercover area to listen to what constable care had to say to us.

He taught us a song about needles that will help us remember what to do if we see one. It went like this…

If you see a needle stay away and call a grown up straight away.

Constable Care told us 3 very important numbers we can call for assistance.

  1. 000 – Only in an emergency. We will be asked if we need help for a fire, ambulance or police.
  2. 131 444- we call this number if we need the police and it is not an emergency. Like if someone is throwing bricks through a window, if someone stole something or our house has been broken into.
  3. 1800 333 000 – we call this number if we want to report a crime and stay anonymous. Anonymous means we don’t have to tell them our name.

We also learnt that everyone has the right to feel safe.


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