School Uniform

Mr Pansini came onto the louder speaker this morning to talk to us about what we can and cannot wear at school.

We have discussed what Mr Pansini said and have written a blog post as a class with the rules.

At Aubin Grove we have a set uniform.

HATS: Every child needs a broad brimmed hat. Even if they get lost children will not be allowed to play or come out from under the verandah if they do not have a hat with a broad brim. CAPS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

JUMPERS: Children must wear the Aubin Grove jacket or a plain navy blue jumper if they don’t have a school jacket. No other colours, jumpers with pictures or jackets/jumpers with hoods are allowed.

UNDERSHIRTS: are allowed in the cold weather but need to be navy blue only.

HAIR ACCESSORIES: Hair accessories have gotten very big and are causing children to get distracted during class time. Girls are allowed to wear small bows and headbands only. Hair ties and clips are fine.

JEWELLERY: No jewellery other than earrings can come into room 20. Watches have been coming in but are beginning to be played with so it is preferred that they stay at home so they don’t get lost.

From the children of Room 20.


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