Term 1, Week 9

Welcome to week 9.

This week in Literacy we will be continuing to focus on describing words in our reading and writing. We will also be introducing the double letter sound ll and mm in our phonics sessions. The children are enjoying learning about all these sounds and enjoy searching for them in texts, around the room on posters/signs and completing word sorts throughout the week. We are getting very good at predicting what a text will be about and retelling it at the end. This week we will be reading the big book The Grumpy Elephant. We will spend the week focusing on this book and doing different activities each day similar to those that are outlined in the home reading information booklet.

In Maths we will finish up with and revise what we have learnt over the past 2 weeks on place value. This has been a very hands on topic and all children have loved being able to “play” with the MAB blocks, bundling sticks, cards and cubes to demonstrate how to represent numbers using place value. We will also introduce the mental maths strategy rainbow fact subtraction.

In HASS (History and Social Sciences) we begun discussing the past and present. Last week we looked at a video that showed what schools were like in the olden days. The children were very interested and engaged during this video and found it hard to believe how different school actually was many years ago. We will continue with past and present in schools this week before we move on to toys.

In health we have been focusing on feelings (positive and negative) and how this effects our growth mindset when learning new things. It is so pleasing to see the children confident enough to share their true thoughts and feeling during our mat discussions.

Mr K wasn’t in for STEM this week and wont be back until next term due to his wife having a little baby boy, Toby. Even though Mr K wasn’t in we still did our STEM rotation groups and will continue to do so every Thursday afternoon after Junior Sport.

Important reminders for this week:

Tuesday is Assembly and Friday is FUME free Friday. Walk, ride or scoot to school and bring a plastic cup to get a warn Milo before the morning bell.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

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