Term 2, Week 8

Welcome to week 8.

This week we have no student free days, excursions or crazy hair days. I am looking forwards to a “normal” week in room 20 where we can hopefully slow things down a little and not be so rushed to finish activities in a shortened length of time!

This week in literacy we will be introducing the ee/ea sound. We will continue to read and discuss the narrative structure as well as begin to write our own narratives in our writing block. We are all fully aware of what a noun is now after reading some very funny stories so we will be moving on to verbs this week.

In Numeracy we will be continuing to focus on near doubles and partitioning numbers. We are getting very clever in the ways we are showing our understanding of numbers by coming up with different combinations and ways we can make them using both addition and subtraction number sentences.

This week in Health I will be steering off track from our safety programme and looking into feelings and emotions in depth. This will be a regular session in our class from now on and include strategies and ways to help us be at ease with the way we are feeling. We will also look at mindfulness and ways we can de-stress and calm down when we are feeling overwhelmed.

Home readers will now be changed over every Friday morning. Can you please ensure your child returns their folder as soon as they arrive in the morning (Orange tub). This will be the only time books will be changed.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I look forward to another fun week of learning.

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