Term 2, Week 9

Welcome to week 9.

We are quickly approaching the end of term. It is evident that we are almost ready for a break after having lots of assessments, excursions and unfortunately some bugs hit our classroom.

This week will be the last week homework will be sent home for the term. Can you please send back all homework items; reading books, spelling lists & grids on Friday 23rd June. I will be doing a stocktake on our home readers and moving the trolley onto the next classroom. Homework will continue week 2 of Term 3.

I have had a few children run out of glue sticks, red pencils and items that were listed on the booklist at the beginning of the year. If you didn’t send in all of the items at the beginning of the year could you please send in the rest of them so when the children run out I can quickly get them another one. I keep all spare resources labelled and in tubs  so the children can ask for new one and continue to complete their work.

This week we completed an activity on how to give and receive feedback. The activity was called Austin’s Butterfly and was a true story about a little boy called Austin who was also in Year 1. He was learning about butterflies and had to draw a specific type of butterfly for Science. He completed 4 drafts and then a final copy to try and improve his learning and understanding after receiving feedback from his class mates. We did the exact same activity and completed our own butterfly drawings. These will be displayed in our classroom for you to see. I was so proud with all the children and the constructive feedback they were giving Austin and each other. Feedback is an important skill and one of our focuses within our learner qualities. We are hoping that feedback given will encourage the children to drive their learning further so they can be the best they can be.

We have also put up some new work samples for you to look at so feel free to pop in and have a browse.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will see you all on Monday morning.

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