Term 3, Week 5

Welcome to week 5. I am back on deck and feeling a lot better than I have over the last two weeks.

Last week we finished up learning about Australian coins in maths and creating mental images using information given to us in texts.

We move on this week to focus on some new topics in both literacy and numeracy.

In literacy we continue to identify the oi/oy sound in words. During our phonics sessions we begin the day by completing a word sort. This is done each morning before school and continues for 10-15 minutes once the siren goes. We were introduced to this sound last week and have discovered over the week that the oi sound is usually found in the middle of words such as foil, soil and coil. An exception to this is the word oil. We then realised the oy sound is normally found at the end of words such as in joy, annoy and destroy.

During our literacy block this week we will be focusing on settings in our guided readers and big book. We will be using adjectives to describe the settings and how important they are in the text.

In maths we will begin to explore data and questions we can pose to gather data. We will also be learning the friendly numbers strategy to help us solve addition problems. The friendly number strategy is an easy strategy to implement when we come across sums that end in 0. EG 10+7. The 7 takes the place of the 0 so the answer is 17. The children have really enjoyed solving these types of number problems and are getting very quick at it.

In HASS we are learning about the world. We have talked about the land and water and named the continents. We are learning about the equator, the hemispheres and the north and south pole and are completing an ongoing work sample that will be displayed on open night.

We are having fun on the iPads and are learning all about an app called comic life. We have been using this app during our health lessons to create posters on emotions that will also be displayed at our open night on the last Wednesday of term.

As it is week 5 and our assembly is fast approaching this week we will begin to start practicing our song and discuss what talking parts there will be. Each child will be offered to have a talking role during our assembly but won’t be forced to do so if they aren’t comfortable. I will post a seperate blog to do with our assembly to give you the heads up of what is needed in terms of costumes.

Just a heads up that we will be celebrating our book week in week 10 and the last Friday of term the children will be allowed to come dressed up. The Year One team will be selecting a book that is one of the listed books, which we will let you know soon, and the children may come dressed up in something to do with our selected book.

Just a reminder that ‘T’ days are kiss and drop.

I would also like to remind everyone that on Friday’s homework is due. Children need to put their reading folder in the orange basket on the table near my desk, spelling words, if ready for testing, in the blue basket and every fortnight their homework grid in the green basket. These are all clearly labelled and haven’t changed throughout the year. I have two amazing parent volunteers that come in each week and test the children with their spelling words and change the home readers. If home readers and spelling books haven’t been put in the basket on Friday’s then your child won’t get a new book or spelling words that week.

Last week we had a discussion on classroom and school rules just to jog everyone’s memories and to revise Mr Pansini’s message about not bringing items from home to school. The topic of handballs came up as there had been a few appear in class. After clarifying with admin it was decided that students are allowed to bring handballs to school to play with during recess and lunch breaks only. The children have been informed that handballs are their responsibility and if they go missing, get damaged or end up on the roof etc unfortunately teachers can’t spend time trying to find them or get them down. All other toys, jewellery and keepsakes must remain at home as per the school rules.

I hope you all have a great week.



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