Term 3, Week 6

Welcome to week 6.

Our assembly practice is well underway and favourite books have begun to come in. Thank you to all of those children who have selected their book and brought it in clearly labelled. Once your child has made up their mind on their books please do send them in as soon as you can. Costumes don’t need to be sent in until week 8.

Our classroom is looking very bare and almost everything has been taken down so I can plan and prepare the space for open night.

This week we will be introducing the er/ir/ur sound. We have begun to discuss the difference and come up with statements, questions and exclamations in literacy and will continue focusing on this over the coming week. We will also be looking at settings and adjectives and ways in which we can describe them. Mrs Tomich will be taking the class on Thursday so I can complete the PM Benchmark reading assessment for your child’s progress folder.

As we are half way through the term and assessments are beginning to take place across all learning areas. Progress folders will be sent home on the last Thursday of term. If your child is not here on that day they will kept until they return the day after or in Term 4.

In maths we will be learning about turn arounds and data. The children have come up with some great questions that require a yes/no answer. This week we will focus on posing questions that have more possible answers such as what is your favourite ice cream flavour etc.

We have been working hard on the iPads to create our emotions poster in Health and are almost finished. Once complete we will return to our RRRR health program that we started at the beginning of the term.

In HASS we are almost experts at identifying the equator, north and south poles and the northern and southern hemispheres. We are now moving on to explore the weather and seasons that occur around the world.

Have a great week.

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