Term 3, Week 8

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s, Grandad’s and special men in our lives. I hope you all enjoyed your little gift and card that your child made for you.

This week we will be completing full assembly practices each day. All speaking parts have been assigned and I will copy and laminate them so they can be taken home to practice. I am hoping the children have enough time to practice and familiarise themselves with their role so on the day they won’t need to hold onto their speaking cards. I will be close by to assist if they run into trouble. If you can please send in costumes this week, in a clearly labelled bag, so I can ensure everyone has something and we are well and truely organised for our special moment in the lime light that would be great. Just to remind you our assembly is TUESDAY 19th SEPTEMBER.

We have our Japanese incursion scheduled for this Thursday. If you haven’t already please make sure you send in the payment and permission form to the front office as soon as you can. Anyone who hasn’t paid unfortunately cannot attend and will be sent to another class during our scheduled time.

This Thursday is Outdoor Classroom Day I am trying to plan, depending on the weather, a period of our day that we can complete outside. This is Australia’s first year joining the global event and Aubin Grove is one of 200 schools / learning centres taking part from WA this year. We are very lucky at Aubin Grove to have such wonderful play spaces that encourage us to use our imagination, practice and strengthen our gross motor skills and foster positive social interactions.

This week in Literacy we are moving on from narratives to begin looking at persuasive texts. We will be reading a number of books that require us to form an opinion and have lots of oral discussions as to why we believe our opinion is the correct one. I am looking forward to seeing how the children respond to this and hope we can all have a bit of fun while we are learning at the same time! We are also introducing the or/aw sound in phonics and will explore this sound for the next 2 weeks.

On Tuesday we will be completing the math assessment to go in our Progress folder. We will also begin to look at friendly numbers such as 3,5 & 8.

In HASS we have moved on to exploring weather around the state and world. Last week we combined with Miss Fletcher’s class to finish our globes and create an iMovie for open night. The children will watch the iMovie they performed in and see how filming on the green screen has allowed us to insert different backgrounds during the movie.

I hope you all have a great week!



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