Term 3, Week 9

Welcome to week 9!!!

Wow, the weeks are flying by and we have been very hard at work trying to fit in assembly practices and preparing work for open night and our progress folders.

This week will be the last week for homework. Home readers will be sent home on Monday as usual. However there will be no spelling sent home this week. With the last week of term being very very busy for us I can’t fit in spelling tests so will stop it and pick it up again next term. Can I please ask that ALL home readers be returned by Friday 15th September at the latest. I will send notes home trying to chase any that haven’t been returned on the following Monday.

Can I please ask that for all of next week and the following week until open night (Monday 11th-Thursday 21st September) that you kiss and drop your child outside. We are madly trying to prepare for open night and need to begin hanging up our work. If you need to give me a message you are more than welcome to email me or send your child in and ask me to pop out to see you.

Our assembly practices are coming on nicely and will continue each day until our assembly. Everyone has brought in their book and most have also brought in their costumes for the day. If you haven’t sent one in could it please be sent in no later than Monday 11th September.

Next week in our literacy block we will be continuing to explore persuasive texts. Sorry to anyone who has had their child come home asking for an iguana or any other type of unusual pet. Or arguing their point/opinion as to why or why not they should do something. We are all very good at forming an opinion and trying to persuade others. It has been a fun topic to explore and I have had many laughs with the class already!

In maths we are looking at friendly numbers still and how they change around when coming up with addition and subtraction number sentences.

I hope everyone manages to get in lots of rest this week ready to enter our busiest and last week of Term 3.

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