The Big Splash

Calling all parents in WA The movement has started!

Along with developing literacy and numeracy skills, a student’s mental health is the greatest priority in schools.

It is an unfortunate fact that, on a daily basis, schools see students battling mental health issues that will potentially affect the rest of their lives.

50% of children and teens with mental health issues do not receive professional help.
YOU can make a difference.

Be part of the movement and promote mental health and well-being for your child by getting their school to join The Big Splash WA Schools Program.

What is The Big Splash WA?

The Big Splash WA is a Wild in Art event that will take place in the streets, parks and public spaces of Perth and surrounds in early 2018.

A huge pod of wildly colourful 1630_parents.flyer4.1pp.V1(1)dolphin sculptures painted by local artists will swim into town as part of a mass public art exhibition to raise awareness of and valuable funds for Perth Children’s Hospital’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit.

Use the arts to help children learn they are not alone and help is available.

The Big Splash WA Schools Program provides:

Education packs for parents to help them initiate and navigate conversations with their children around mental health and well-being.

Age specific education packs for K to 12 to encourage in-class creative thinking and promote mental health and well-being.

Education packs for teachers to guide them in leading their students through the program.

A dolphin sculpture* for students to decorate as part of an interactive art element of the program designed to stimulate creativity and further facilitate mental health conversations.

The opportunity to participate in Big Splash activities including an interactive walking trail through the pod of dolphins.

The opportunity to include their school dolphin* in local community displays.

To ensure your school is part of this innovative program, share this yer with your school.
If you would like the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation to approach your school directly, please email

For more information visit the
*Only a limited number of dolphin sculptures are available for schools so order now to secure yours.

Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation

Telephone +61 (08) 9489 11001630_parents.flyer4.1pp.V1(1)

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