Week 3

Welcome to week 3.

This week we will be continuing to learn about the ow/ou sounds in words and doing word sorts before school when the doors open. We are investigating narratives and their structure during our writing sessions as well as creating images using the information we have read in our guided readers and big book sessions.

We have started our new math challenges and will complete these every Thursday. We spent last week and this week going through the questions together and modelling how they can be solved using our mental maths strategies. Just like last term the children have 10 minutes to complete their challenge and then we mark them together graphing our progress after each challenge.

We will begin to explore money and their values this week in our numeracy block as well as the friendly number strategy.

I have introduced a new health program this term that is called Resilience,Rights and Respectful Relationships (RRRR program). It is based on exploring emotions and how to deal with them. The children have enjoyed the first two sessions so far. We start off with some for of cosmic yoga/meditation and then complete suggested activities. This week we played emotional statues and did a self portrait of different emotions. We are also introducing iPads during our health sessions to create posters of different emotions.

Jnr sport has begun and our rotational activities are based around games we will play during our jnr sport carnival. I am yet to find out the set date for the carnival but as soon as I do I will advertise it.

This term we will be having our open night. It will be on the last Wednesday of term. Due to this no new work will be hung up and you may notice the classroom begin to look a little bare. I assure you we are still working very hard but I am keeping the work we have completed to create a big display for you to look at when we open our class up for the open night.

We will be off to assembly on Tuesday and will have 2 in a row.

Homework was sent home last week and will continue until week 9. Homework grid go for 2 weeks and are due back on Friday of week 3, 5, 7 & 9.

Have a great week.

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