Welcome back to Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2. I hope everyone had a safe and well deserved break.

School will commence for students this Wednesday 26th April. We will kick off the term with swimming lessons. Please refer to the swimming lesson blog I posted earlier this morning with important information you will need to know prior to Wednesday.

This week we will be talking about ANZAC Day. We will also be baking some Anzac Biscuits. If your child is unable to eat these please let me know prior to Thursday.

Due to week one being a very short week there will be no homework sent home. Homework will begin Monday of week 2 and continue like it did last term until week 9. I have rearranged some of the reading groups so your child may come home with different levelled books. If your child is struggling with these please don’t hesitate to speak to me and I can easily make adjustments if needed.

Swimming will run for all of week 1 and 2 of this term. Due to this, our specialist subjects and times have changed slightly. The children will go straight to Art on Tuesday mornings when the bell rings. They will have sport as normal on a Wednesday it is just scheduled for a little earlier. On Thursday they will have Japanese as soon as the bell goes and on Friday they will head straight off to Music. Because of these early morning starts the children will need to be in class ready to go as soon as the bell rings at 8:37am. I will not have any morning activities set up so we can gather on the mat quickly. Please assist your child to come in, set up their desk and get ready for the days activities. They may read a book that they bring in from home or get off the book shelf if they are ready prior to the bell ringing.

I am looking forward to another great term and cannot wait to see all of those friendly smiles on Wednesday morning.

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