‘My Place’ Olden Day Dress Up!

Thank you to all the families who sent their child to school dressed up like a child from the olden days.  The girls looked so pretty and dainty, while the boys were very dapper in their braces and hats.

Classes managed to get out to the undercover area in small groups to do a parade out of the rain and wind.  In case you’re wondering….Mr Pansini, Mrs Smith, Mrs Steel and Mrs Fritchley can dressed as the characters in the book, ‘The Paperbag Prince’.

We had no power at the school from 12:30 – 2:30pm which did not bother us at all!  We played ‘Pin the tail on the Donkey’, marbles, quoits, dominos, tic tac toe and chess.  When the rain stopped we even managed to get outside in some sunshine and play 4 square.  What a fabulous day we had stepping back in time and a wonderful way to end what was a very busy term!

Check out the photos below.

R U OK Poster Competition

As it is Mental Health Week in our first week back of Term 4, the Kidsmatter Committee are asking children to design a poster to put up around the school.  This can be done during the school holidays and the competition closes Wednesday of Week 1.

On Friday the 13th the school will run a series of activities related to keeping our kids mental health and wellbeing in a positive state.

Please see the poster below for more information.

Sports Carnival Yr 1&2

On Wednesday the 25th October in Week 3 of Term 4, the Year 1 and 2 will have their Junior Sports Carnival on the oval.

It will start after recess from approximately 11.15am and continue until the end of the day.

Please mark this day on your calendars, pass it on to other family members and bring a picnic to enjoy the day watching your child have fun exercising with his peers.

More information will be forthcoming early in Term 4 but please PUT THIS DATE IN YOUR DIARY.

Thank you.




Open Night

For Open Night on Wednesday you will need to download a ‘QR Code Reader’ app on your mobile phone to scan and play one of your child’s pieces of your child’s pieces of work.

You can co to the Apple Store or to Google Play for Android devices and download an app FOR FREE.

Thank you.


Excursion Day!

What an amazing day Room 21 had in Fremantle on Wednesday 6th September!  The sun was shining, the children were smiling and the learning was fascinating.

Thank you so much to the wonderful parent volunteers who gave up their time to join us for the day.  Your help and support is very much appreciated and I know the children loved having you along for the day.

The children have learnt so much about the Samson family and Samson House, making links from the past to the present.  Even walking around Fremantle was a learning experience for us all!

Check out the photos below. I think the highlight of the walk was the cannon getting fired to mark 1pm.  The open mouthed reaction from Jeremiah sums up how the children felt about it!


Kiss and Drop from Week 9

Starting Monday all Year 2 classes will be instigating a kiss and drop policy.
This means parents will drop their children at the door of the classroom. This will allow us to secretly set up our learning journey for open night in Week 10.
Kiss and Drop will continue for Term 4, as we transition the children into the senior part of the school. This links in beautifully with the children’s resilience, autonomy and self regulation.
However, if there is anything you would like to discuss regarding your child, please feel free to email me, see me after school (except Tuesdays) or make an appointment before school begins.
Only one Term of Year 2 to go!
Thank you for your support.

Fume Free Friday 8.9.17

It’s that time of the year again!  Walk, ride or scooter to school and get a free Milo at LC4.


Book Week Dress Up!

Please see the attached letter which is going home today with he children.


Welcome Harshaan

This week we welcomed a new member of Perfect Popcorn and Room 21.  Harshaan has recently moved into the area with his family and is settling in well to Aubin Grove Primary.

He has joined us at a busy time of the term, so please put these dates in your diary, if you have not already.


Wednesday – Samson House Excursion all day

Thursday – Japanese Drumming Incursion

Friday – After school disco run by the P & C.

WEEK 10 (no homework or readers home)

Wednesday – Open Night 5:30 – 7pm.

Thursday – Progress Folders home.

LAST DAY OF TERM Friday – Book Week Dress Up Day – ‘My Place’ by Nadia Wheatley : olden day dress of boys and girls 100 years ago.

Popcorn visits her namesake!

Thank you so much for Lynne and Cara bringing in Popcorn, their delightful pet!  The children adored her and how soft and cuddly she was.