Harmony Day every day!

Wow what an amazing day we had on Friday!  It was so lovely to see the children embrace this day and listen to the conversations that went on.  For example, ‘I wish it was Harmony Day every day at our school’.    The reply was, ‘It is!”.

It was impressive to see children trying foods such as curry, onion and potato bhajis, lupins and even haggis!  (I’ll let you explain what’s in that Scottish delight!)

Thank you to those parents that came in to join us on such a special day…it really made our day.

Extra thanks to Lisa and Kinta for helping clean up.

You can see by the photos that we carried on festivities after lunch and it was wonderful to see the children dressing up and acting out roles.  Miss Milla taught the class about Portugal and even showed us how to do the hoola properly!


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  1. Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith says:

    I really enjoyed the lunch – thanks for having us! Love the photos – except the one where it looks like I’m not enjoying the food – I had a mouth full of food and was trying to look like I didn’t!! I’ve never seen Hayden trying so much food, it was great.

    • rachelegoodey
      rachelegoodey says:

      Thanks for the feedback Lisa. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and I agree that it takes special days like these where the kids are feeling safe, happy and part of a positive school culture, for them to ‘have a go’ at different foods – often for the first time!


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