Well, the last four weeks have been super busy!  The children have been getting to know myselfand Mrs Becker, as well as each other.  They have also been completing assessments so that I can see ‘where they are at’ which helps guide me to helping them on their journey of ‘where to next’.  Self reflection and acting on feedback are two huge tools children will  to use so they become their own teachers.

We even had a visit from ‘Bear’ and soon ‘Biscuit’! Pets are wonderful for teaching kids responsibility and the love they have for them is unconditional.

However, there is always room for social/emotional play and making connections with each other and our classroom environment.  Some of the best insights into children are through observation, discussion and collaboration.  Take a look at how our classroom culture, through the FiSH Philosophy has already formed the foundations for RICE:

Resilience & Responsibility    Initiative & Insight     Confidence & Compassion    Empathy & Eloquence