Term 3 Learning

The following is an outline of what we are teaching in Year 2 in Term 3 in the core subject areas. We will also continue to consolidate our previous learning and build on what we know and can do.  IT projects will be incorporated over the term that link to the children’s learning.


  • Narrative (first 5 weeks) and Informational Report (second 5 weeks) writing.
  • Correct use of questions, exclamation marks, commas for lists, contractions and speech marks.
  • Identifying, understanding and using homophones in the right context.
  • Writing compound and complex sentences using a wide range of conjunctions (not just and/but).
  • Improving sentence structure – no ‘run-on sentences’ – get rid of ‘and, then, and, then’, etc.
  • Continuation of reading strategies with a focus on WTW sounds and inferential comprehension.
  • Words Their Way spelling sorts – this follows on from our Phonics program and will be set as morning work most mornings so please ensure your child is at school and in class at 8:25am so they don’t miss important spelling practice.


  • Exploring the connection between repeated addition and multiplication.
  • Exploring the connection between multiplication (arrays) and division (groups).
  • Exploring Australian money – notes & coins:  identifying, describing, ordering and counting values.
  • Identifying, describing and applying fractions – whole, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8.
  • Telling time; o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to – analogue then digital.
  • Identifying and completing flips, slides and turns of shapes and objects.
  • Data collection, classification and presentation – using tallies, tables and graphs.


  • Chemical Science – MIXING:  understanding different materials can be combined for a particular purposes (mixtures and solutions).

HASS (History and Social Sciences): 

  • History of technology changing over time – continuing and linking to Samson House.
  • History of significant person, building and business. – Lionel Samson and Samson House.
  • Geography: connections to the local area, state, country, Asia & World.


  • Strategies and behaviours that promote health and wellbeing. The importance of; healthy eating, hydration, getting enough sleep, hygiene practices and regular exercise.
  • SEL: Social & Emotional Learning – Kids mental health & wellbeing.
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