Timetable of Events

Our Sports Carnival is fast approaching!  Next Wednesday we are hoping for fabulous weather!

The year 1 & 2 children will be on the oval after recess, when the Kindy and PP children have completed their carnival.

I have attached an Information Booklet and a Timetable of running races and team games.

Please also read the following important information:

K-2 Sports Carnival

Students arrive at school normal time for the morning with sunscreen applied. They wear faction shirts and MUST have their school hat and water bottle.

Please clearly NAME everything.

There will be sunscreen in the bays.
Year 1 and 2 Carnival runs from 11.30-2.50pm.
11.25am – Students march down to bays.
11.40am – Year 2s play tabloids.
12.20pm – Year 2 sprint races.
12.50pm – Lunch break (20mins)
1.10pm – Year 1/2 team games.
2.35pm – Presentations.
2.45pm – Students return to class to be dismissed by teachers.

A list of events your child is participating in is on the windows outside the classroom.
It is very important that parents stay in the viewing area and do not come into faction bays please.


Information Booklet

Junior Event List 2017

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