Enrolment 2018

Dear parents/carers,

Just a quick message from Frank Pansini regarding enrolment for 2018.

If you are not returning to Aubin Grove next year, can I ask that you please let me or the Front Office know asap. Our school expects a drop in student enrolments for next year, owing to the establishment of Honeywood PS, so in order to plan for the number of teachers and classrooms required, it is essential that we have the most accurate information possible. 

Thank you in anticipation.

Maritime Day 2017

 The class had a fantastic time and really enjoyed our excursion on Monday. As a result, a lot of the students sounded interested in the Maritime Day 2017, which will be held in Fremantle.
The website below has all of the details

Excursion details

Hi everyone,

Monday is our big day out! Could you please ensure your child brings their recess in a disposable plastic bag to take on the bus as we are having recess upon our arrival. Lunches also need to be in a separate labelled plastic bag and will be kept separately to eat later. Water bottles will be taken on the bus with each child being responsible for their recess and water bottle. Hats will also need to be brought along for outdoor play.

If your child uses a Ventolin inhaler that is not kept at school, please ensure this is brought on the day in a labelled plastic bag and given to the parent/teacher in charge of their group.

Parent helpers – could you please bring a small backpack with you as you may be required to carry your group’s clipboards for a time throughout the day.

Parent helpers will also need to sign in at the Admin Building when arriving at school and collect a Parent Badge. Many thanks!

The bus leaves at 9 am so please be at school by 8:30 am at the latest to have attendance records updated.

Kind regards,



Good afternoon,

Please ensure that you notify the school if your child is absent from school.

We must have an explanation as to why they are absent, for any reason.

You can ring the office, email, use the school app, write a note in your child’s diary or speak to me in person.

It is a requirement that this is done to keep our attendance accurately documented. Your co-operation on this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Chickenpox alert

I have been informed that a student in Year 4 has been diagnosed with chickenpox.

Common symptoms of chickenpox usually include:

• Fever.

• Fatigue.

• Loss of appetite.

• A generalised rash a day or so later and starts as itchy red spots but rapidly progresses to blisters.

A person is infectious from two days prior to the onset of the rash until the blisters have all crusted into scabs, usually about five days after they appear.

Children with chickenpox must miss school until all remaining blisters have become scabs then exclusion is no longer required.

Please note that pregnant women and newborn babies should not be exposed to people with active chickenpox.


Kind regards,


National eSmart week

Last week was National eSmart Week. All the Year 4 to 6 classes participated in one activity to reinforce their Cyber Safety messages from Term 1. The Year Fours brainstormed the key messages for creating and keeping a safe password. They then digitally designed an eSmart Superhero giving some advice about the important things to remember when it comes to passwords.

Also, here is also a handy reminder about balancing time online as we approach the spring school holidays.



Week 9 news

Dear Parents,

Wow! I can’t believe we are already at this point in the term.

I have a favour to ask of you. Due to the open night next Wednesday night, I would ask if you could please refrain from entering the classroom in the morning. We will be preparing the classroom for the open night and we would like you all to be surprised by the wonderful work we will have on display. If you need to see me of course pop in and try your hardest not to look around. I thank you in advance for your cooperation with this.

If you still have your child’s progress folder at home, can you please return it back to school as soon as possible.

Another reminder is that class does open at 8:30 am each morning in order to give students time to set-up for the day and practice their Words Their Way Spelling words through games and sorts prior to the school bell at 8:44 am. If you could please encourage your child to be at school and in class for this time that would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, please note that the list of names for events for the upcoming faction carnival on Wednesday and Friday this week has been placed on the window inside our classroom. The students know which events they are in, but you may like to check the list on the door yourself.

Kind regards,
Tara Pearce

Book Week Parade

Our school celebrates Book Week in Week 10. On the last day of this term, we have our book week parade. This year’s Book Week theme is ‘Escape to everywhere’.

We are currently learning about the Age of Exploration and looking at famous early world explorers. A few weeks ago, we read a book about space exploration to the Moon. The Book is titled ‘The Sea of Tranquility’ by Mark Haddon. We will be using this book to discuss space exploration and brainstorm some possible costume ideas for the parade. These ideas may include astronauts, NASA scientists, astronomers, and photographers etc. Students are also welcome to dress up in anything they connect the idea of exploration/explorers with, so the opportunities really are endless.

If you have any questions regarding the parade or costume ideas, please let me know.

Dress up as your favourite sporting team!

This Friday, 25th of August

To help fundraise for our P&C and the Year 6’s Big Week Out, students are encouraged to dress up in their favourite team’s jersey from any sport. It would be greatly appreciated if all participants can bring a gold coin donation to class.

PEAC Testing


     Primary Extension and Challenge

Information for Parents



The Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) program provides part time extension for gifted and talented students in Years 5 and 6.


PEAC offers a range of courses that provide the most able students with opportunities for extension and enrichment work that is intellectually challenging.


All students across the state in government schools, who are in Year 4, will have the opportunity to be assessed for suitability for the PEAC Program.


Students who are performing well at school are possible candidates for the program. There are some students in Year 4 whose potential is not so easily recognized.  There may be students who are underachieving at school and there are some students who demonstrate certain skills and abilities more at home than at school.


Together, we can ensure that all students who have the potential for high academic performance are identified.


The testing for PEAC will take place at Aubin Grove Primary School NEXT week on Wednesday morning. We would appreciate if medical appointments etc could be timetabled around the allocated testing time for your child’s class as outlined below:


If you object to your child being assessed for inclusion in the PEAC program, please email your class teacher letting them know.


There will be two tests: Verbal Reasoning and Mathematical Reasoning. Both of these assessments take 20 minutes to complete. The Department of Education and Training will score the results electronically. Your child’s actual test results will remain confidential, the school will only be told who is and who isn’t eligible for the program.


Notification of success in gaining a placement into the 2018 & 2018 PEAC program will be provided to the school and then sent to parents later in Term 4 2017.


If you have any questions about the PEAC selection process and future educational programs, please contact Nola Smith Deputy Principal Aubin Grove Primary