A Few Notes

Choir Excursion

Just a reminder to choir students that the excursion is on tomorrow afternoon.  Permission slips must be returned ASAP.

Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice will be celebrated on Wednesday this week.  Students are allowed to wear pyjamas to school with the following rules:

  1. Students must wear school shoes.
  2. Students hair must be tied up if shoulder length or longer.
  3. Students must be able to put their hat on at recess and lunch.
  4. The clothing must cover shoulders and be no shorter in length than the school uniform.

Science Fair Competition

This years theme for the Science Competition is Sustainability.  Some students have expressed that they are wanting to enter so entry forms were sent home today and are due back at the end of this term.  It is expected that parents work with students on this project, however the student must understand and be able to explain it on their own.  The Science Fair will be held Thursday, 27 July in the undercover area from 12.40pm

ICT Agreement

Students in Year 3 are being asked to sign an ICT Agreement.  This will be explained to students today and sent home.  Please ensure that you read through this with your child and return signed.  Only students who return agreements will be able to use the MacBooks and other ICT devices.

Entertainment Books

Notes went home today to students who have not returned the Entertainment Books.  It is assumed that you wish to purchase.  Please return the form with payment details as soon as possible.  Alternatively, return the book ASAP.


Thank you to those parents who contact either myself or the school when your child is absent.   Absences can be reported through the school app, calling the office, emailing me, in person to me when your child returns or writing a note on paper or in your child’s diary.

Magic Words

These are the word lists at the back of your child’s homework book.  Some parents have said that their child hasn’t got new words yet.  This is because they haven’t asked to be tested.  Students are to practise the words and when they feel they are ready for a test, they bring their book in and request a test.  New words will be given after this.  This is the same for times tables.


Homework books are checked at the end of odd weeks and new homework is given at the beginning of even weeks.  I have told the students that they should be bringing their homework books in everyday.  Please ensure that you are signing that they have completed their homework.  Reading Logs and Time Tables books are counted as homework.  There will be no homework for Week 10 this term or Week 1 next term.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons will be in Weeks 3 & 4 next term.  Notes to follow shortly.


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