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Book Week Incursion

We had a lovely talk from Meg McKinley for Book Week.  She told us all about how she comes up with ideas to wrote her stories and the process it goes through to become a book.  

Nits and Lice

We have another case of nits in the class.  A note will be going home tomorrow.  Please check your child’s hair tonight – long/short, boy/girl, clean/dirty – nits don’t discriminate! Also, if you child has had a case of nits please let me know so that I can notify parents to ensure they don’t spread […]

Time for Some Fresh Air and Sunshine

It’s that time of the term when students are getting tired and a little ratty but we still have work to do! To make the work a little easier, we went outside to complete a Maths Test.  Once students completed their Maths test, to the best of their ability, they were allowed to have a […]

Outdoors Classroom

Last Thursday we celebrated Outdoors Classroom Day. Room 24 students spent some time outside learning about capacity for Maths.  It was a good idea to be outside as we were measuring amounts of water and it got pretty wet!

Book Week

We will be celebrating Book Week in Week 10 this term and having our Dress Up Day on the Friday.  Room 24 have chosen the book “When I was a Girl, I Dreamed” by Margaret Baker and JP Matott.  This is a story about a girl and all her dreams of what she wanted to […]

Faction Carnival

Faction Carnival is next week. Wednesday will be Jumps and Throws and distance runs. Room 24 students competing in this will be : 8.50am – 400m : Taylor 9.40am – Long Jump: Olivia, Skylar, Taylor 10.20am – Turbo Javelin: Phoenix, Skylar, Taylor 1.55pm – Shot Put: Olivia, Nikita, Taylor   On Friday is the BIG […]