Merit Certificates

Some recent Merit Certificate recipients … Skylar and Rhys

Nits and Lice

We have another case of nits in the class.  A note will be going home tomorrow.  Please check your child’s hair tonight – long/short, boy/girl, clean/dirty – nits don’t discriminate!

Also, if you child has had a case of nits please let me know so that I can notify parents to ensure they don’t spread and we can get them out of our classroom.

Thank you.

Merit Certificate Recipients

Congratulations to our latest Merit Certificate recipients… Phoenix and Nikita!

Book Week

We will be celebrating Book Week in Week 10 this term and having our Dress Up Day on the Friday.  Room 24 have chosen the book “When I was a Girl, I Dreamed” by Margaret Baker and JP Matott.  This is a story about a girl and all her dreams of what she wanted to be or do when she grew up.

So, Room24 students can dress up as what they want to be when they grow up, or in clothes needed to do something they want to do when they grow up.

Faction Carnival

Faction Carnival is next week.

Wednesday will be Jumps and Throws and distance runs. Room 24 students competing in this will be :

8.50am – 400m : Taylor

9.40am – Long Jump: Olivia, Skylar, Taylor

10.20am – Turbo Javelin: Phoenix, Skylar, Taylor

1.55pm – Shot Put: Olivia, Nikita, Taylor


On Friday is the BIG EVENT!  All students are participating in the 75m race.

9.10am – 200m: Olivia, Nikita, Skylar

9.35am – 75m: all students

12.30pm – Leaderball: Ayla, Phoenix, Nikita, Olivia, Skylar, Riley, Alice, Levi, Rhys, Brooklyn, Jordan, Jamie, Taylor

1.15pm – Multiball: Emma, Estelle, Lucy, Eloise, Skylar, Briana, Lisa, Matthew, Brody, Alex, Ben, Max, Hayden

1.58pm – Pole Relay: Olivia, Jamie

1:1 MacBook Information Evening / Fume Free Friday

Just a quick reminder that tonight at 6pm is the 1:1 MacBook Program Information Night.  Please come along to hear about the program and what your children need and will be doing next year.


Friday is FUME FREE FRIDAY and this week all students who walk, ride, scoot or skate to school will receive a Milo.  Please bring along your own cup and spoon.

Japanese Incursion

The Japanese incursion is happening this Thursday at 9.45am!

Please ensure you have returned the permission slip along with payment of $4 as soon as possible.

1:1 MacBook Information Night

Just a quick reminder that the 1:1 MacBook Information Night is next Thursday,7 September at 6pm at the school.  Please come if you are able.

Absences, Nits and Swimming


Please remember if your child is absent for any reason that the school must be notified.  This can be done via the school app, email to me, phone call to the school, note in the diary or in person. We must get this information from a parent/adult.



We have had nits in the class today again. A note will be going home today.  Please check your child’s hair and treat if necessary.  Students are not to return to school until they have been treated.



Swimming lessons are going great.  Thank you all for getting your children to school early for these two weeks – we have been on the bus on time every day so far.

Stationery Needs

Today all students in Room 24 went through their pencil cases and spare stationery.  They are bringing a handwritten list home to let you know what they need. Please check their list and send in the stationery needed.