Time for Some Fresh Air and Sunshine

It’s that time of the term when students are getting tired and a little ratty but we still have work to do! To make the work a little easier, we went outside to complete a Maths Test.  Once students completed their Maths test, to the best of their ability, they were allowed to have a little play on the playground, before going back inside for some more Maths. Apparently this made me the ‘best Teacher ever!’  A little fresh air did everyone some good so I think we will be heading out more often.


Outdoors Classroom

Last Thursday we celebrated Outdoors Classroom Day. Room 24 students spent some time outside learning about capacity for Maths.  It was a good idea to be outside as we were measuring amounts of water and it got pretty wet!

Japanese Incursion

We had a fabulous Japanese Incursion last week and got to learn about some Japanese instruments.  Some students were lucky enough to be able to try the drums!

1:1 MacBook Program

Students will require a MacBook for Year 4.  The following notes will be sent home in hard copy today regarding this program.

1-1 MacBook invitation

Initial 1-1 letter for Year 3 students


Fire Fighters Incursion

On 24 August, fire fighters from Success Fire Station will be at the school for an incursion. Students will be learning about fire safety and this will like to our HASS and Health learning.  The incursion is free and a note with more information will be coming home tonight.  If you have any questions regarding this incursion please contact me.

Coding with Mr Kubicek

Room 24 has just completed 4 sessions of coding with Mr Kubicek.  Students loved using the gadgets he brought into the classroom and seeing how each piece worked.  Their final challenge was to work as a team to create an alarm that sounded when the lights went out.  There was a lot of problem solving happening in the classroom and some very creative inventions were made. We will be doing some more with Mr Kubicek in Term 4.

NAIDOC Day: Aboriginal Dancers from PLC

Last term we celebrated NAIDOC Day by watching some Aboriginal Dancers from PLC.  We also coloured hand prints with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island flags and displayed them in the gardens.  The dancing was very impressive and mixed traditional Aboriginal dancing with more contemporary dancing.

Kagan Co-operative Learning

At Aubin Grove Primary School we use Kagan Co-operative Learning.  This includes learning strategies and some silly games.  Below shows how much the students in Room 24 enjoy and engage with these strategies.

Constable Care Incursion

In Health this term we have been learning about Protective Behaviours.  This includes identifying early warning signs, knowing the difference between fun scary and unsafe scary, good secrets and bad secrets, the Helping Hand Network, being persistent and body ownership. To end of this series of learning we have an incursion from Constable Care about Protective Behaviours.  It was quite funny and also very informative.

NAPLAN Practice and Holiday Homework

All Room 24 students have held up well under all the NAPLAN practice tests they have been given during the last week of term.

A large part of this practice is teaching the students the different ways to answer questions and the formal process of the test.  Students seem to be more confident about taking the NAPLAN tests now they have experienced them and have seen their results.

I have set some NAPLAN homework on Studyladder for students to do over the holidays – their log ins are glued into the front cover of their Homework books.

We have also spent the term learning States and Territories and Capital Cities of Australia in Geography.  I have asked student to work on these over the holidays also.  I will load a map into Homework.