Faction Carnival

Faction Carnival is next week.

Wednesday will be Jumps and Throws and distance runs. Room 24 students competing in this will be :

8.50am – 400m : Taylor

9.40am – Long Jump: Olivia, Skylar, Taylor

10.20am – Turbo Javelin: Phoenix, Skylar, Taylor

1.55pm – Shot Put: Olivia, Nikita, Taylor


On Friday is the BIG EVENT!  All students are participating in the 75m race.

9.10am – 200m: Olivia, Nikita, Skylar

9.35am – 75m: all students

12.30pm – Leaderball: Ayla, Phoenix, Nikita, Olivia, Skylar, Riley, Alice, Levi, Rhys, Brooklyn, Jordan, Jamie, Taylor

1.15pm – Multiball: Emma, Estelle, Lucy, Eloise, Skylar, Briana, Lisa, Matthew, Brody, Alex, Ben, Max, Hayden

1.58pm – Pole Relay: Olivia, Jamie

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