Term 3, Week 4 News

Homework was issued on Monday this week and is due back on the 18th of August. There are some spare copies of homework, so if your child has not returned home with their homework please let me know and these can be given to them.

Free-Dress Day
Friday 25th August (Week 6)
Students will be dressing up as their favourite sporting team. A Gold Coin Donation is payable to your teacher please. Thank you for your support!

All year 3 classes will be participating in a fire incursion on the 24th of August, in Week 6 of this term. The fire incursion is designed to provide developmentally appropriate fire safety prevention messages and life-saving tips on how children can respond to a fire emergency in their homes.

Please remember if your child is absent for any reason that the school must be notified. This can be done via the school app, email to me, phone call to the school, note in the diary or in person. We must get this information from a parent/adult.

A big thank you to all for you support in making sure your child was ready for swimming lessons over this past 2 weeks. The students’ have braved the weather and remained positive throughout the entire time. Next week we will be back to normal class and school routines as swimming lessons will have finished. Thank you once again! ☺

Morning Routine
In the mornings when students come into the classroom we are working on a word study program called Words Their Way.

Our Word Study program allows students to practise their words through hands on sorting activities and games from 8:30am until 8:45am (before the official start to school at 8:45am). Following this, students’ complete written practise from 8:45am until 9:05am.

It is therefore very important children are arriving at school on time (8:30am) so they can gain the maximum benefit from this program.

Thank you for your support with this.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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