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Term 3 Week 10

Evening Everyone, Well doesn’t a term zip by very quickly!  Please find the week listed below. English: This week we will be adding suffixes with vowels, looking at clauses in sentences, writing a diary entry whilst making inferences on a characters feelings and finally we will start looking at The King of the Cloud Forests […]

Term 3 Week 8

Hi Everyone, Can you believe it’s week 8 already? This week is going to run differently as we are preparing for Open Night and getting work completed for our progress folders. In English we will be looking at Skimming and Scanning.  We will also be writing interesting speech and finally we will be expanding our […]

Term 3 Week 7

Hi Everyone, Well we had a lovely time last week.  We made cup cakes, which linked to the work we are doing in Science and English.  The children made alien green icing.  Just a little bit of fun for the middle of the term!  This week we are doing quite a bit of work for […]

Term 3 Week 6

Hi Everyone, Please find the week listed below. English: Instructions are the focus of this week; specially with reference to helping aliens to understand what to do on Earth should they ever come here. Initially children have to read instructions and convert them to pictures, considering carefully how the language is used. Next they must […]

Term 3 Week 5

Hi Everyone, Here’s the week ahead: English – This week we are starting a new theme on Aliens.  We will be describing Aliens using multiple adjectives. Selecting and writing homophones for spelling and meaning. Finally we will be inventing aliens and creating fact files for them.  In Guided Reading we will be using the comprehension […]

Term 3 Week 3

Hi Everyone, I promised the class I would do all my work on Saturday instead of Sunday.  It feels quite good to have it done today! I may have to keep this new routine.  Please find the week ahead. Swimming: Our lesson is 11:20-12:00.  We will be leaving school at 10:55 so the children will […]


Hi Everyone, This is a reminder to all the parents who have not paid for their child’s swimming lesson.  Money and forms are due tomorrow.  If you do not hand the forms in your child will not be able to swim. Thank you.

Term 3 Week 2

Hi Everyone, Please find the week listed below.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s smiling faces tomorrow morning. English: This week the students will be writing their robot stories that they planned last week.  They will then proofread and add improvements.  Once this is done then they will give feedback to their shoulder partner. These […]

Term 2 Weeks 9 and 10

Hi Everyone, As you may be aware, Wednesday is my last day for a little while.  I’m having an operation to repair a snapped ligament in my ankle.  While I’m away Mrs Norcliff will deliver the Curriculum I have planned for the students.  I believe she can not do this Thursday, so I don’t know […]

Term 2 Week 8

Hi Everyone, The weeks are ticking by very quickly.  Please find the student learning listed below: English This week the students will be encountering and using a range of prefixes and adverbs to describe different robots.  They will also incorporate new language creatively and constructively in writing original texts. They will use prefixes and suffixes […]