Term 4 Week 3

Hi Everyone,

Please find the week ahead:

English – This week we will be planning and writing our Alien Poetry.  This is our last week on Aliens and for the rest of the term our focus will be on ‘Chocolate’.  I assure you it’s going to be fun! During Guided Reading sessions the students will be mainly focusing on Monitoring and Clarifying.  So recognising when we do not understand what we are reading.  Identifying what we don’t understand and explain what is making us confused and finally clarifying our understanding by re-reading slowly, figuring out what would make sense, checking a reference or asking for help. The students will be given new sorts in class on Tuesday for Words Their Way.

Mathematics – We are finishing our time with Multiplication and Division, with a major focus on Word Problems.  We will also be using some of the time to go over Fractions.  Congratulations to Amelia who won the prize for making the most progress in the Mental Maths Challenge.  This term I think it’s going to be another close run!

We are recycling used toothpaste, brushes, and all the containers they come in.  There is a box at the front office to place items in.  This will raise money for the school.

Monday – Don’t forget it’s Waste Free and Friday is DO NOT walk to school day as it’s a Professional Development day for the staff.  I’m sure the children will be very upset that it’s a four day week.

Have a great evening and I’ll see you all in the morning.