Term 4 Week 6

Hi Everyone,

Here’s the week ahead:

English – We are continuing on with our theme of Chocolate and looking at the text of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ (Roald Dahl).  We will be understanding characters in texts and analysing things people say in books. The students will also be looking a the suffixes sure and ture.  We will also be covering, prediction, questioning, inferring, summarising and evaluation in Guided Reading.

In Mathematics the students will be continuing with reading scales relating to mass and answering word problems. We will then move on to fractions of shapes. I would appreciate it if you could continue practising the Multiplication tables as home as the students need these for fractions and division.


Don’t forget I need your progress folders back.

It’s Waste Free tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all in the morning.



Term 4 Week 4

Hi everyone, here’s the week ahead:

English – We will be finishing off our theme on Aliens by completing our own alien invasion poetry.  Then we will be moving on to the theme of ‘Chocolate’.  We will start with the non-fiction text ‘The story of Chocolate’ and look at the text structure. Then we will researching chocolate and preparing a presentation on the subject.  In Guided Reading we are looking at prediction, inferring, skimming and scanning, connecting to the text and evaluation.

Maths – This week we are completing some more word problems then moving on to Mass.  They students will complete activities where they have to Estimate, calculate and check the weight of bags of potatoes. They will also be reading and writing on scales. We will also focus on fractions during mental sessions as I have identified this as a continued area of development.

Waste Free – Please send your child in with a Waste Free lunch.

MacBooks – can you let me know either by a note or getting you child to tell me whether you are getting a MacBook from the school suggested source, privately or not at all. The office need to know numbers for imaging. ASAP would be great.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening and I will see you in the morning.

Karen 🙂


Term 4 Week 2

Here’s the week ahead:

English – the students planned a play with a theme based around feeling alien.  This week they will write their play script and if we have time we will perform.  We will also be looking at the suffix – ation.  In Guided Reading we will have a focus on Inferring and prediction.  Words their Way sorts were given out last week so they will receive these words as part of the homework, which will go home tomorrow.

Maths – There will be a continuation of Multiplication and Division.  We have been looking closely at the relationship between the two and how we can use multiplication to help solve division problems.

Friday – This is our excursion to the Perth Mint, Bell Tower and Wadjuk Walk.  I will provide a separate post tomorrow regarding lunches etc. I put all the parent names who wanted to go to in a hat and have drawn a name.  I have contacted that parent.

Homework – as mentioned will go home tomorrow.

Have a wonderful evening and I will see you all in the morning.

Term 4 Week 1

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

Here’s the week ahead:

English: This week the students will be doing descriptive writing using their senses.  Learning and extending their knowledge of adding dialogue to texts. Planning and writing a diary entry.  All linked to our Alien theme.  In Guided Reading the students will be predicting, inferring information and evaluating the text.  Handwriting will continue on letter formation and joining where appropriate.

Mathematics: This week we are looking at Division including remainders.  We will be using the inverse of Multiplication to aid in working out division.

Don’t forget Monday is Waste Free and try to walk to school on Friday.\

Homework will start next week.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all in the morning.

Karen 🙂

Term 3 Week 10

Evening Everyone,

Well doesn’t a term zip by very quickly!  Please find the week listed below.

English: This week we will be adding suffixes with vowels, looking at clauses in sentences, writing a diary entry whilst making inferences on a characters feelings and finally we will start looking at The King of the Cloud Forests by Michael Morpurgo.  Whilst looking at this book we’ll have a particular focus on inferencing, vocabulary and writing describing using our senses.

Mathematics: We will continue with addition and subtraction.  Then is time we will start division with remainders.

Wednesday – Don’t forget to pop by and see your child’s work on Open Night.

Friday – Book week, our theme is Aliens.  Don’t forget to get a costume ready.

Finally, If I don’t get to see you.  Have a wonderful end of term break and I’ll see you all next term.

Karen 🙂


Term 3 Week 8

Hi Everyone, Can you believe it’s week 8 already?

This week is going to run differently as we are preparing for Open Night and getting work completed for our progress folders.

In English we will be looking at Skimming and Scanning.  We will also be writing interesting speech and finally we will be expanding our vocabulary both speaking and writing.

In Maths we are going to be doing column addition.

Please have a waste free lunch tomorrow.

Don’t forget it’s the Mac Book 1:1 program meeting this week (Thursday) and our Japanese Incursion.

Friday is Fume Free and we will be celebrating with a Milo.  See you there.

See you all in the morning.

Karen 🙂



Term 3 Week 7

Hi Everyone,

Well we had a lovely time last week.  We made cup cakes, which linked to the work we are doing in Science and English.  The children made alien green icing.  Just a little bit of fun for the middle of the term!  This week we are doing quite a bit of work for the progress folders so the blocks will look a bit different.

English – This week we will be looking at paragraphing and the organisational features of non-fiction texts (linked to Aliens of course).  We will be looking at Prediction, Inferring, Questioning and Evaluation in Guided Reading.  Words Their Way will be a new sort do you will get that coming home next week.

Mathematics – We will continue with graphing and interpreting data.

Book Week – Our theme is Aliens as we have been looking at aliens as our new English theme.  We’ve read the book ‘Aliens wear Underpants’.  

Japanese Excursion – Please remember to pay and send in permission slip.

Excursion – There will be an excursion next term.  When I get the full details I will of course let you know.

Waster Free – Please for one day don’t send any waste in your child’s lunch box.

As of this week, please could you refrain from entering the classroom in the morning. We will be preparing the classroom for open night and we would like you all to be surprised.  If you need to see me of course pop in and try not to look around :).  Thank you for your cooperation.

Enjoy this beautiful day and I will see you all in the morning.


Term 3 Week 6

Hi Everyone,

Please find the week listed below.


Instructions are the focus of this week; specially with reference to helping aliens to understand what to do on Earth should they ever come here. Initially children have to read instructions and convert them to pictures, considering carefully how the language is used. Next they must create their own set of instructions for an everyday task. The middle of the week has a discreet lesson focusing on the spelling of /shun/ words, followed by considering more complex instructions and guidance for everyday situations, which children must address through mime and gesture, finishing with written pieces for The Intergalactic Traveller’s Guide.


This week the focus is on gathering and reading Data. We will be presenting data in pictograms and analysing appropriately. The children that are wearing watches on a regular basis are really starting to read time well! Well done to them.

Finally tomorrow is Waste Free! I really want us to win this week so please no rubbish in our lunch boxes.  Raid that tupperware drawer.

Japanese Excursion forms and Fathers Day stall are due soon and don’t forget about the school disco.

See you all in the morning.

Karen 🙂


Term 3 Week 5

Hi Everyone,

Here’s the week ahead:

English – This week we are starting a new theme on Aliens.  We will be describing Aliens using multiple adjectives. Selecting and writing homophones for spelling and meaning. Finally we will be inventing aliens and creating fact files for them.  In Guided Reading we will be using the comprehension strategies of Skimming and Scanning, creating images and evaluation.

Mathematics – We will be continuing to learn how to read the time throughout the day, so please if your child has an analogue watch can they wear it to school?  We will also be learning Money.  We will be counting collections, spending a set amount of money and working out real life problems.

Tomorrow is Waste Free and don’t forget to walk to school on Friday!

I will also be requiring Nappy boxes if you have any, we’re going to be making a Giant Iron Man for open night.

Have a lovely evening.

Karen 🙂

Term 3 Week 3

Hi Everyone,

I promised the class I would do all my work on Saturday instead of Sunday.  It feels quite good to have it done today! I may have to keep this new routine.  Please find the week ahead.

Swimming: Our lesson is 11:20-12:00.  We will be leaving school at 10:55 so the children will be having an earl recess. Please can you make sure your child comes to school with their bathers under their school uniform.  As we are having recess early they need to come to school in their normal school footwear and have their swim shoes in their bag.  I will make sure they change before we get on the bus.  Don’t forget something warm to go to the pool in and that everything is labelled.  If you have any queries just pop in and see me.

English – We are going to do a little robot poetry, they will get new word sorts and in Guided Reading we are looking at prediction, visualisation, inferring, skimming and Scanning and finally summarising.

Maths – We are going to finish off a our revision on time.  If your child has a watch with hands then can I request they start to wear it to school.  I find this is the best way to learn and throughout the day Mrs Luff and myself will ask them to tell us the time.

See you all on Monday morning,

Karen 🙂