Term 1 Week 8

Welcome to Week 8.

Here’s the week ahead:

English –  THE TWITS – this week we are going to identify main ideas drawn from one or more paragraph and summarise these.  The students be involved in a debate.  They will be developing and sketching their own awful character, and writing a paragraph introducing them. Then they will be discussing the storyline in detail. Finally, they will be creating speech and looking at the conventions of adding speech.  In Guided Reading we will be looking at prediction, connecting to the text, inferring and evaluating.

Maths – This week we will be looking at Multiplication and Division facts. The students will be completing word problems.  We will be looking at how doubling and multiplying mentally. They will also revise the strategy of how Multiplication is repeated addition and Division is repeated subtraction.

Monday – Waste Free and homework will go home.

See you all in the morning.



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