Term 1 Week 9

Hello Everyone,

Here is the week ahead:


This week we will be looking at the Twits by Roald Dahl.  We will be using and punctuating direct speech.  Composing and rehearsing sentences orally (including dialogue), progressively building a varied and rich vocabulary and increasing range of sentences structures.  We will be listening to books that are structured in different ways and reading for a range of purposes. Then we will be applying our growing range of root words, prefixes and suffixes.  In Guided Reading we will be looking at prediction, questioning, inferring, connecting to the text and evaluation.


This week we are going to be measuring, comparing and subtracting lengths using m/cm/mm.  We will be recognising and matching the abbreviations for mm, cm and m and their full names. Measuring to the nearest cm or mm. Using decimal notation for metres and centimetres to record length.  Finally we will be revising fractions and graphs.

Don’t forget Monday is waste free and Friday is walk to school day. Bring your own cup and get a free milo to reward you for your walk.

Karen 🙂




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