Term 2 Week 2

I hope you all had a lovely holiday.  The first three days back were very productive.  Please find listed below the week ahead:


This week we will be finishing our Persuasive Texts.  The students have picked their own topic to write about and so far they have written good quality arguments.  This week we will be editing our work and finishing them off.  We will also be focusing on the Comprehension questions that may appear in the NAPLAN next week.  The students will be given a text and asked to answer different question types.  We will also start Words Their Way too.  The students will be given new words and complete sorts and activities.


This week our focus is on 3D shapes.  We will be making models and drawing them form different angles.  They will be identifying lines of symmetry in shapes.  They will be sketching shapes and an investigating the statement ‘When you cut any rectangle exactly in half, you will always get two rectangles’.  We will also be revising word problems during mental/oral sessions.

Science for the term is all about heating and cooling.  This week the students will be observing an ice cube melting in their hand and how it feels.

Homework will go home tomorrow and the library will be open for borrowing this week too.  Please pop in and see the new library.  It’s really student friendly.

Every Friday is now Fume Free.  Please walk or ride to school.  These beautiful Autumn mornings are great to get out and take a brisk walk.

Don’t forget Monday is Waste Free.  We haven’t been doing very well with Waste Free.  I’d love for our class to win the Bin!

See you all in the morning.


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