Term 3 Week 3

Hi Everyone,

I promised the class I would do all my work on Saturday instead of Sunday.  It feels quite good to have it done today! I may have to keep this new routine.  Please find the week ahead.

Swimming: Our lesson is 11:20-12:00.  We will be leaving school at 10:55 so the children will be having an earl recess. Please can you make sure your child comes to school with their bathers under their school uniform.  As we are having recess early they need to come to school in their normal school footwear and have their swim shoes in their bag.  I will make sure they change before we get on the bus.  Don’t forget something warm to go to the pool in and that everything is labelled.  If you have any queries just pop in and see me.

English – We are going to do a little robot poetry, they will get new word sorts and in Guided Reading we are looking at prediction, visualisation, inferring, skimming and Scanning and finally summarising.

Maths – We are going to finish off a our revision on time.  If your child has a watch with hands then can I request they start to wear it to school.  I find this is the best way to learn and throughout the day Mrs Luff and myself will ask them to tell us the time.

See you all on Monday morning,

Karen 🙂


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